Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Vending Machine can be Like a Portable Restaurant

The modern vending machine has come a long way from the days it would only dispense gum and cigarettes at railway stations. Nowadays almost anyone with a full line vending machine can replace a cafeteria to service the food and beverage needs of the personnel at any decent office. The sheer saving in costs of fully salaried staff needed to run a cafeteria as well as floor space requirements makes the initial outlay well worth it. You can actually recover the cost of such a vending machine probably in a matter of a few months.

In offices which run need to run 24x7 such full line vending machines are a godsend. It means that a frozen full meal can be warmed up within a minute using an air blast system and be ready to eat. On the other hand, if someone just needs to satisfy hunger pangs with a sandwich or hot dog or even a burger – that too is available along with a hot beverage option. However, the more common versions are the cold vending machines which dispense cold drinks and ice creams etc.

Whatever may be the kind of vending machine that you choose to install, make sure that the vending machinesuppliers are authorized by the manufacturing company. This is not simply because warranty issues might arise. You also want to be sure that the products you are vending through your machine are of excellent quality, whether or not they are branded or are of a relatively unknown brand.

With more and more people becoming health conscious vending machine suppliers are beginning to realize that you need to vend fresh fruit slices and / or juices. So depending on the model you should be able to vend fruit crisps, not just the traditional crisps which tend to be rather drenched in fat and salt, both of which are injurious to health. The drinks dispenser should be able to provide people with mineral water, soda drinks, juices and other cold drinks like shakes and cold coffee.

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