Saturday, April 2, 2011

Keeping Your Customers Spoiled for Choice

Ensuring fresh food is available round the clock in your vending machines can leave your customers spoiled for choice. There are vending coffee machines too which can offer the kind of range of choice which keep your patrons coming back for more. Some vending machines are tailor-made to suit the exact cold food vending requirements for your café/restaurant. They might comprise of a dedicated sandwich vending machine and a 10-drum model giving a higher capacity offering a wider selection of snacks and fresh foods.

You can tempt your customers with an extensive range of healthy sandwiches and wraps. Some vending machines offer several compartments. Each compartment is 120mm high giving the perfect product presentation for front-facing sandwich wedges. All compartments are generously sized and with a 96-item capacity you can give your customers the choice of deep fill sandwich wedges. These larger compartments are also perfect for presenting a variety of other fresh foods such as pastries, yogurt and fresh fruit.

Other vending machines are actually versatile merchandisers designed to offer a wide range of fresh foods, snacks and drinks allowing you to choose items such as fruit, pasties, prepared salad bowls, yogurt, smoothies, fruit juice and confectionery products with a 136-item capacity. So which model suits your specific needs and budget will dictate your choice.

Coffee is another ball game as different people like different kinds of coffee. In fact, the same person might want a different kind of coffee at different times. There are coffee vending machines which make it simpler than is thought possible. Temperature, strength, sweetness, milk levels, even the quantity of the coffee to be dispensed can be controlled. Sheer variety for those who may not want a simple brew can be achieved by the addition of flavored syrups to the brew. Many coffee houses use flavored syrups to make different flavored drinks such as caramel and hazelnut flavored coffees that some people love so much.

Whether it is by way of the kind of food dispensed by your vending machines or the kind of coffee dispensed by your coffee vending machines, how much variety you want to offer your customers is entirely up to you?

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