Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coffee Machines to Heighten Awareness

Coffee is known to stimulate the nervous system resulting in heightened awareness and more energy. And getting your regular cup has been made easier with the proliferation of coffee machines. Whether you use a new coffee machine, a rented one or used coffee machines, the main idea is to get that oh-so-refreshing cup of aromatic coffee. After all what more delicious way to stimulate intellectual activity when bored or plain fatigued than to reach out for a cup of hot coffee or a glass of cold coffee?

Let people keep talking of all the harm that coffee does to our system – that coffee results in the constriction of blood vessels and higher blood pressure by raising cortisol levels; that it has known carcinogens like caffeine and other chemicals produced when roasting the beans which can cause cancer in the long term. People will even tell you that coffee has been linked to low birth weight, birth defects, miscarriages, premature birth, inability to conceive, and sluggish sperm.

The truth of the matter is that those who are addicted to coffee will keep drinking it no matter what adverse publicity this fragrant brew gets. And that will keep the coffee machines busy and thriving, thank you. Those of you who prefer to brew their own coffee right at home or in office rather than go out hunting for the cup that is brewed exactly the way you like it, will be quite happy with even used coffee machines. The best part of looking for used coffee machines is that sometimes one can get a fairly new or lightly used coffee machine for a fraction of the price of a new one off the shelf.

Did someone tell you that caffeine speeds up fat metabolism during exercise while conserving glycogen and glucose thus maintaining brain activity and reducing hunger? That should give you another sound reason for people to invest in coffee machines. Coffee increases the flow of urine and decreases its concentration. So it might help reduce the incidence of kidney stones and bladder cancer. You really do have some healthy reasons to invest in coffee machines and indulge your taste for coffee.

A Guns or Butter Choice: Coffee Vending Machines or Industrial Coffee Machines?

For many people who need to serve large quantities of coffee round the clock, it actually becomes a guns or butter choice. Should they invest in coffee vending machines or in an industrial coffee machine? The reason for this uncertainty is that while the latter require a bigger initial outlay, the former might prove more expensive in the long run with the frequency with which parts need replacement or the machines require servicing.

Take a look at why you need to buy a coffee vending machine in the first place. The four canister coffee vending machines can produce up to eight different drinks, eg., black and white coffee, cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate and decaffeinated coffee. This type of machine is good where high volumes of drinks are dispensed in a short space of time. So if they are required to be placed in a normal sized office cafeteria, coffee vending machines make sense.

However, those who need to service a busy restaurant or café would probably find an industrial coffee machine a wiser buy. Some of the models have built in accessories like knock out bars, milk frothing wands, filters, and bean grinders. In case you have bought a model that needs these accessories and you might as well buy from a brand that you know and trust and that the industrial coffee machines were built to work with. Just like the machines, if all of the accessories are of the highest quality they will continue to work for you over time.

The industrial coffee machine technology has improved over the years. So now you can choose from a stylish and sleek range of machines which will serve you the finest coffee. There was a time, not so very long ago, when a cup of coffee was simply a cup of coffee. The only variety depended on the quality of bean and how much cream and/or sugar each individual chose to add to their cup. Now with all the kind of variety that is required to provide people their shot of caffeine, one needs to look closely at what kind of coffee vending machine to buy.

T for Tassimo Professional

Once you invest in a Tassimo professional coffee machine you are in clover. The reasons are many. The Tassimo professional is designed to ensure that each drink is uniquely prepared to the right size using the T disc barcode technology, so there is a difference in size for each T disc. Add to that you can prepare different kinds of drinks consecutively as during the brew cycle of each T disc the drink stream (flow) does not touch any parts of the machine once leaving the T disc so there is no taste contamination from T disc to T disc i.e. drink to drink.

The Tassimo professional coffee machine allows you to customize your drink. For a milder tasting drink, press and hold the button when instructed to do so by the display screen to extend the brewing process. Stop when the drink reaches its desired size and strength. For a stronger tasting drink, stop the brewing process when instructed on the display. This will result in a smaller stronger drink.

Further the milk used does not have the peculiar yellowish color so common in milk concentrates. This milk product is unique to Tassimo professional No other on demand system can offer this superior milk delivery from a capsule or pod for it uses a patented ultra filtration formula (UF) for milk. So it maintains the look, taste and foaming qualities of fresh milk despite being concentrated and stabilized for ambient storage.

This patented milk T disc combines the ultra filtrated milk with the right quantity of hot water in the Tassimo professional coffee machine to deliver the perfect layers of milk and milk froth for each individual beverage. The liquid passes through the T disc of the Tassimo professional at such high velocity that it combines with air to create foam in a similar way to a steam wand. In the T discs of the Tassimo professional coffee machine fresh whole milk is used as a starting product, which is then concentrated using ultra filtration (instead of evaporation) to maintain a perfect fresh milk taste.

Servicing Sophisticated Tastes with Office Vending Machines

The humble office vending machine has come a long way from the days when you were lucky if it dispensed chocolate bars and potato chips in addition to tea and coffee. The bigger offices no longer find it adequate to invest in an office coffee machine. This is because clock-watching is frowned upon in corporate culture. So if the personnel need to be in office for extended hours, they certainly need more than just their routine cups of tea and coffee.

The proliferation of office coffee machines occurred when savvy managers/employers began to realize that installing an office coffee machine actually saved time and money for both the company and the employees. The company saved money in terms of salary for an office peon who prepared and then served beverages to the staff. The personnel benefitted by getting tea and coffee when they wanted rather than having to depend on the whimsy of some peon. So an office which boasted of its own office coffee machine was perceived as having a sugar daddy management.

Changes came with the spread of the 24x7 culture. When employees need to work in different shifts to embrace globalization, then the most critical of physical needs – food and beverages – naturally began to occupy center stage in the office planning process. The office vending machine began to upstage the office coffee machine. While some office vending machines still dispense only traditional crisps, pizzas, sodas and sandwiches; in offices where the management realizes the importance of healthy staff, office vending machines stock fruit smoothies, fresh fruit slices/servings, yogurt, juices, homemade granola bars, along with confectioneries and biscuits.

Manufacturers have contributed to this revolution by offering more and more sophisticated office vending machines. You can choose how many kinds of products can be dispensed by the all helix glass front merchandiser. These come in sleek designs which add to the slick look of the office and can vend a wide variety of sizes of bag and confectionary lines. Kenco specializes in vending machine. It offers every variety of vending machine depending on people need. Their vending is best in market.

Proper Maintenance of Vending Machines and Coffee Machines

These days' vending machines and vending coffee machines are to be seen almost everywhere – offices, educational institutions, railway stations, and shopping malls and possibly in some places where you don't expect to see them. While those running the vending machines earn quite a pretty penny, they tend to ignore a critical aspect. Proper maintenance of any and every machine ensures that there are fewer breakdowns and other glitches.

In case of vending coffee machines in particular and other vending machines which dispense frozen/cold items like chocolate bars, sodas and other fizzy drinks, it is advisable to periodically clean refrigeration condensers. Especially full line vending machines require a refrigerator compartment. Vending coffee machines often store milk in a refrigerated bin to dispense those delicious ristrettos, espressos or café crèmes. Remember to lubricate mechanical parts and adjust the machines to avoid any problems.

In case the machine breaks down, vending machine repairers fix the obvious problems, like loose electrical wires, malfunctions of the coin mechanism and leaks. However if it's a major problem, then testing devices such as electrical circuit testers are to be used to find defective parts, and the defective part is either fixed or replaced. While servicing, a circuit board or other component is only replaced. These repairers employed by small companies, fill and fix machines on a regular basis. They collect money; fill coin and currency changers, and repair machines when necessary.

When you buy a vending machine or a vending coffee machine check out whether the manufacturer or dealer is offering any kind of annual maintenance contract (AMC). People are usually savvy enough to look at warranties and guarantees. What they usually overlook is that regular maintenance may not necessarily entail the replacement of worn out or damaged parts. Some vending machines even have a vend detector system to ensure trouble free dispensing. Reliable manufacturers of coffee vending machines will usually provide you with such high quality machines that you will find that all you need to do by way of maintenance is to clean them regularly!

Play up to Caffeine Needs with Coffee Machines

The one beverage most people around the globe prefer to wake up with is coffee. Whether it is dispensed from coffee machines or brewed in the conventional manner, most individuals have their own specifications on what the ideal cup of coffee should taste and look like. So what is coffee? It is actually the roasted and ground powder of the seed of the coffee berry (sometimes also called coffee cherry).

People in the UK are particularly fortunate that there are many manufacturers of coffee machines in UK. How strong or how weak the brew is and how fragrant is partially dependent on the quality of the coffee used. The top of the line coffee machine manufacturers will usually also offer their own line of coffees. Or else they have a tie-up with some major coffee brand/s. There will be blends which are more suitable for everyday drinking as they are well-rounded and full-bodied. Other blends will be strong and dark with a smoky flavour for those who enjoy an intense espresso experience.

This often becomes a critical factor in the quality of the final output. Whether you have opted for the singles coffee machines so popular in the UK, or whether it is one of the more complex units, coffee machines UK promoted by the top flight companies will dispense coffee as you like to have it – not too sweet or milky.

Whether the coffee machines use only the instant variety of products in which all the ingredients are pre-mixed in defined proportions or whether they use a combination of instant products and freshly ground beans-to-cup products; if the coffee machine UK is from a reputed manufacturer with years of experience behind it, then you can be certain of enjoying an aromatic cup of the brew that refreshes instantaneously. At the touch of a button you can enjoy barista quality coffee from their fantastic range of bean to cup systems.

Many Kinds of Vending Machines

If you are starting up a new business and need to invest in vending machines, you definitely need to check out reliable vending machine suppliers. There are several kinds of vending machines and you need to take a hard look at what are your particular needs and the location where you intend to place your vending machines. What do you really need to dispense and for whom? If it is a small office and you are looking for a hot drink solution, the coffee vending machines which also dispense tea, chocolate and health drinks like Bournvita and Bovril may be just what you need.

On the other hand, if you also need to serve snacks may be snacks vending machine is what you need. Find out from your vending machine supplier what your stocking options are. Would your snacks vending machine dispense only cold cuts and snacks or are there options for hot mini-meals? Would you prefer to stock canned food which can be popped into a microwave and warmed up? Then a can vending machine may be the answer to your needs. You would be able to offer your staff/customers a choice of cold drinks like the various branded fizzy drinks and sodas as well soups, fruit juices and smoothies.

Whatever may be the kind of vending machines which can service your needs best, you need to be sure that the vending machine suppliers you deal with are top-of-the-line. They should be authorized dealers of the manufacturers of the vending machines you buy otherwise you may have issues with enforcing warranties. Also they should have a reasonable refilling schedule and offer you the kind of stocking options you desire.

Location of the vending machines are another critical factor. If you need to locate the vending machines in busy malls or railway stations or some equally much frequented place, then those larger multi-dispense option models are really what you are looking for. Check out the various manufacturers' sites for the kinds of models which are most suitable for your needs and ask the vending machine suppliers about which are the most viable terms available.

Jura Coffee Machine or Cappuccino Coffee Machine: The Choice is Yours

There are basically four kinds of coffee which are drunk commonly. These are the instant coffee, espresso, cappuccino and latte. It is the method of brewing as much as the contents and strength of the brew which vary in these four varieties. So if you want a beans to cup fresh coffee experience a cappuccino coffee machine is probably your best bet. Whether you want only cappuccino, espresso and latte or the entire variety of the traditional or classic types like ristretto and café crèmes will help you decide the kind of coffee machine you want to invest in. The Jura coffee machine will enable you to fulfill the most sophisticated coffee demand.

Apart from the nature of coffee demands which need to be met, obviously two other factors will condition your decision making. These are budget and whether you need it for domestic or commercial use. Even if it is for domestic use and you do a lot of entertaining, then too a Jura coffee machine makes sense. If it is presently outside your budget but suits your purpose, you can always look at options for hire purchase or even leasing. The chief advantage of leasing or renting is that if you find the current model doesn't quite suit you or that a cappuccino coffee machine would suit your purpose better then you can swap.

Remember the four canister cappuccino coffee machines can give you much more than just coffees. Hot chocolates and decaffeinated coffees for the health conscious, black coffees and instant coffees to Americano for those who drink large volumes of coffee daily are all options available with the cappuccino coffee machine.

For a barista style experience for a fraction of the cost, the Jura coffee machine is ideal. Its stylish looks and elegant design make it add something to the aura of the room it is kept in. To top it all it makes even tricky coffee specifications so simple to dispense. Aesthetics and convenience marry to make the Jura coffee machine.

Indicators on the Tassimo Coffee Machine

If you use a Tassimo coffee machine, then you know that there are various kinds of indicators around the buttons. These could be differently colored circles around the buttons. When operation is normal you will see a blue circle, pink and red indicate a problem. Please also read the display screen on the Tassimo coffee machine to guide you.

An allergen warning label is placed on the Tassimo professional coffee machines brewer to make users aware that allergens (in this case milk and soy/soya) are present in the milk and chocolate T disc drinks. This is in line with normal food packaging labeling practice. It is necessary as someone making a drink after a T disc having milk, particularly chocolate drinks, in a Tassimo coffee machine needs to be warned about probable allergen properties in case a small residue is still in the machine.

The coffee machines store enough water to ensure they will not run out whilst making a drink. However if the water is low when your drink is finished, you will be asked to refill the machine. If connected to live water mains, it will never run out. The Tassimo coffee machine is easily drained from the front – please see the operator manual for full instructions.

There are other indicators too. The display screen on these coffee machines will inform you when descaling will be required. It will conveniently give you a warning message well in advance, advising that de-scale will be required after a certain number of drinks. It will continue to display warnings until the de-scale is completed.

In case you lose the yellow cleaning disc or the red de-scale disc of your Tassimo coffee machine, you must seek a replacement as fast as possible. Please contact your service provider or operator for a replacement and instructions on how to clean/de-scale the machine in the interim period. Just keep a weather eye open for the indicators on the Tassimo coffee machines and go ahead and enjoy hassle free usage.

How Not to be Part of Vending Machine Sales Horror Stories

Whether you are looking for vending machine rental or vending machines for sale, the following tips should be helpful to ensure that your experience is felicitous. Horror stories abound on how people who opted for vending machine rental have been fobbed off with vending machines which required so much maintenance that it seemed buying a new one would have been cheaper.

If you are on the lookout for vending machines for sales, then ask yourself some questions. Is this the first time you are buying a vending machine or have you already run through a few? Maybe you have been depending on vending machine rental for a while and would now prefer to own one. If you are a novice, take stock of whether you need it for an office or educational institution or to launch your own vending machine business. In any case you would probably benefit from vending machine rental rather than purchasing one outright.

The best people to take vending machine rental from are the manufacturers themselves. They usually have their own maintenance schedules and team who will follow up with you on a regular basis to ensure you have a relatively trouble-free experience. This means that you should ideally deal with a company like Kenco who value their reputation and invest deeply in excellent customer relations.

However, those who desire to purchase a vending machine might benefit from some of the schemes offered on vending machines for sales. If you already possess one, why not contact the manufacturer to see whether the company has some proviso for trade-ins? That way you might get a significant discount on sale value. On the other hand, if you desire to follow up on various vending machines for sales offers, be sure to look the gift horse in the mouth. Check to see whether the model on offer is still in production or one of a discontinued line. The biggest disadvantage of the latter would be the sheer difficulty in getting parts replaced and in some cases getting the vending machine serviced may itself become a challenge. Also take stock of the warranty and guarantee terms being offered before you close the deal.

Get Your Can and Drink Vending Machine to do the Entire Work of the Kitchen

Running a kitchen for an office or large establishment is an expensive business. Apart from the material costs, which include spoilages and wastage, there are salaries and staff to run the kitchen to consider. A simple solution is to invest in a can vending machine or a drink vending machine. You don't have to run from pillar to post looking for the right personnel to run your kitchen and then have huge bills to pay at the end of the month. And the chances are on the side that your personnel will be more satisfied as they don't have to wait for someone to find the time to fetch them the refreshment they require.

Whether you need to offer guests refreshments or just have your own staff well looked after, can vending machines which also stock snacks are always a good option. A can vending machine will normally offer various kinds of juices, smoothies, standard soft drinks like the various brands of coke, root beer etc. It all depends on the tie up you have with the manufacturer/supplier of the can vending machine. The various options you have with regard to refreshments will help you decide the most suitable model for your purposes and pocket.

On the other hand, if you run a shop and want to install a drink vending machine or can vending machine as an add-on, then take stock of how much available space you have and the currency options that the can vending machine or drink vending machine are offering you. Some will allow your customers/personnel to pay with only the local currency or with tokens they purchase from the counter. It also makes sense to check to see whether the vending machine you fancy returns change properly to users who pay with a currency the machine recognizes.

Whatever may be the payment options, just be careful to stock your drink vending machine with mineral water, not just other kinds of liquid refreshment.

Full Line Vending Machines or Coffee Vending Machines?

Many people who are new to the vending business are unsure what they should start with — full line vending machines or coffee vending machines. The issue that many companies which opted for full line vending machines faced was that their specific choices/preferences were not necessarily fulfilled. This created resistance among the personnel and even managers who could not get what they really wanted but had to take products they did not really want.

Most full line vendors are small, independent operators. Often, they can have the existing vendor's machines removed and get permission to install their own machines by promising to lower prices, stock the machine with the staff's favorite candies, or provide better service (e.g. servicing the machine the same day if a bill validator becomes jammed). So it all depends on what you want to or need to serve your personnel. If all you really need to do is serve hot drinks on a regular measure, then don't waste money on a full line vending machine.

Your best bet in such a scenario is the coffee vending machine. Most coffee vending machines will serve much more than a steaming hot cup of fragrant coffee which seems to have been brewed from fresh roasted coffee beans. Depending on the kind of coffee vending machine which you invest in, it should be able to dispense tea, chocolate and branded health drinks like Bourvita and Bovril too. So these coffee vending machines prove to be the perfect hot drinks solution for commercial environments and busy offices. As for the varieties in coffee – they extend from freshly ground coffee, instant, espresso to cappuccino and decaffeinated.

The full line vending machines are really needed only if you need to service staff 24x7 and offer snacks and mini-meals, not just liquid refreshment. The best thing about such vending machines is that they will also offer a range of cold drinks – oh! so necessary on days when the mercury is shooting upwards.