Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vending Machine suppliers

The term “vending machine” refers to a machine that accepts payments and dispenses a product or service. Such machines are very common in the Western countries and Japan. However, they are yet to make their mark in India. Vending machine suppliers in India are scarce because the machines available in the west are not appropriate in the Indian scenario. They have to be adapted to the country where they are to be placed.

When looking for a coffee vending machine , you will find that there are as many different pricing structures as there are suppliers. The choice of supplier is as important as the pricing of the machine. There are offers from the “free machine” or “low monthly rental” to “not the cheapest, but great service”. The point is to unpack these offers and scrutinize them step-by-step.

Let's take the “free machine” offer. There is nothing free in business. It is a given fact that unless it's stolen or the manufacturer has decided to go out of business, it isn't actually free. The vending machine supplier will realize the ‘free' cost from you at some point of time or other.

When you get a coffee vending machine, find out if the coffee and other consumables are being paid by the company or by you. When you get a ‘free installation' offer, the cost of consumables understandably will have to be borne by you because the supplier needs to cover the ‘free' cost here. Now calculate the cost of a cup of coffee and determine, what you actually pay. Get two or more quotes and determine the difference.

You also need to verify if you are obliged to buy consumable from the vending machine supplier . Again, suppliers who offer low rates, reclaim their cost somehow.

Check for the maintenance cost. A coffee vending machine , like any other machine, can break down and need regular maintenance. Does the supplier include maintenance and the cost of replacement of parts in the quotation? There are various models of coffee vending machines available in the market. Check out their prices and compare them before buying or renting that much needed coffee vending machine . Assess the likelihood of the supplier delivering on promises. Be sure of his being there when you need him!