Saturday, April 2, 2011

Keeping Your Can Vending Machine Safe

Whether you have a can vending machine or a drink vending machine, keeping it safe is an underplayed issue. Several factors can pose a safety risk to a drink vending machine or a can vending machine. The commonest is the issue of people trying to deliberately break or pick locks. Whether or not the lock gives way it can certainly get jammed or damaged beyond repair.

If a can vending machine or a drink vending machinehas a very high turnover, then it would need to be opened repeatedly and often to restock. This is particularly valid in case of vending machines which are located in large offices which need to function 24x7 or in college canteens or particularly busy malls. Who has not felt the urgent need for some refreshment or a drink when in the midst of a shop till you drop spree in a mall or departmental store?

Those in charge of running a drink vending machine or a can vending machine with a high turnover of supplies should foresee the probability of the lock wearing out fast. Forewarned is forearmed if it translates into contingency planning. Just check the make and size of the lock used on your drink vending machine or can vending machine and order several pieces well before even the original wears out. This will ensure that when the first one wears out the security of your vending machine is not compromised.

Certain things should be kept handy. While keeping the lock well greased will ensure that it does not jam, keep a screwdriver of the correct size handy at all times. If you have a replacement lock at hand, when you see that the lock of your can vending machine or drink vending machine has worn out beyond repair, then all you need to do is to take it out and put the new one in its place and no one will be any the wiser.

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