Monday, August 2, 2010

Vending machines for more profits

Installing vending machines is a refreshing business idea. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a businessman looking for some smart ideas to pep-up your business, you can install coffee vending machines and reap great dividends from it. There are many people who have got handsome returns and are still reaping good profits by installing vending machines in their shops. The most important reason, why installing coffee vending machines are such a good commercial idea is because it needs modest investments. By investing a small amount of money you can earn good returns and can slowly expand your business.

Vending machines for first-time entrepreneurs- Looking for a new business idea? Want a low investment commercial idea? Then what better than installing a vending machine in a public place such as markets, shopping malls, stores etc. You can start with a single machine and then add many coffee vending machines in your chain. If you don't have sufficient finances to buy a machine then you can hire these machines. There are many vending machine suppliers who provide coffee vending machines and other types of vending machines at affordable rates. You can start your business with a rented machine and thereafter buy a machine.

Vending machines for established businesses- Looking for ways to add profits to your business? Then install a vending machine and serve your customers with refreshing beverages. The idea works well for book stores, restaurants and stationery stores. Your customers would love the idea of spending time in your shop with a cup of freshly brewed hot coffee or a can of cold drink. You will not only earn money from beverages but customers spending more time in your shop will also boost sales of your goods.

The other big advantage of vending machine business is that it needs less man power. A single person can take care of many machines as you only need to refill the ingredients like milk, coffee powder etc., in the machine from time to time and collect coins in the end of the day. Isn't that an exciting idea for your business? So contact vending machine suppliers in your area, install machines and prosper your enterprise.

Shopping online for a vending machine

Shopping online for a vending machine is a great idea which is full of benefits. First and foremost, shopping online will save time. You can shop around the web market anytime of the day, choose drink vending machine of your choice and book order for it. But do you know that it can also help you save a lot of money on your purchase. How? It is because the web market is fiercely competitive. And therefore sellers offer huge discounts to lure buyers and make them buy their products. In addition, most of the online suppliers of vending machines also offer free home delivery which also saves money on transportation.

How to shop online? You would need web addresses or website URLs of vending machine manufacturers and vendors offering services in your area. You can get web links of the suppliers by using any of the search engines. You just need to type drink vending machine followed by the name of your city or town and you will get hundreds of links of drink vending machine suppliers. Click on the link and you will enter in to the website of the manufacturer or supplier. Now browse through the various sections, look at various types of vending machines available with them. You can also request for price quotes from the supplier. The website will also inform you about the discount rates, shopping procedure and other terms and conditions of the sale. The website also have toll-free numbers or chat support wherein you can get in touch with the customer service representatives of the company to know more about the products or to solve any other queries. You can then book orders for the vending machine of your choice. You have to fill an online form and pay online for the machine. The order will be shipped to your mailing address.

Verify the authenticity of the supplier and enquire about the maintenance services provided. Also read the warranty and other sale terms before placing order for a vending machine . Now wait for the drink vending machine to arrive and then celebrate the occasion with your favourite beverage.

Coffee machines for your office

Every organization needs arrangements to serve coffee to its employees and visitors. Most of the offices install coffee machines at their premises so that there is a regular flow of coffee, round the clock. An office coffee machine is a cost-effective and time-saving way to ensure uninterrupted supply of freshly brewed and delicious cups of coffee to the people. A cup of coffee from a vending machine costs much lesser than when it is prepared in the kitchen or ordered from a restaurant. Moreover, it also saves time. It just takes a push of a button and a wait for a few seconds to get a hot cuppa of coffee or tea.

The office coffee machine available these days are fully automatic and hence need little man power. The machines are very easy to operate and maintain. You just need somebody to ensure that the ingredient supply in the machine is adequate. The other advantage is that there are many varieties in coffee machines available in the marketplace. This allows organizations to pick and choose a machine as per their requirements. You can choose a combi vending machine if you want to serve other beverages in addition to coffee to your staff. Offices which have huge employee strength can buy machines with 2 to 3 outlets. Similarly you can choose machines as per your office space. If you have a small space then you can opt for a wall mounting vending machine. The coffee machines also specialize in preparing different varieties of coffees. You can choose a cappuccino machine or any other variety as per the popular taste in your office.

You will get both branded and unbranded office coffee machine in the market. Buying branded coffee machines is advisable as it will ensure good quality. Some suppliers also offer annual contracts wherein experts will take care of repair and maintenance of the machines. You can also order for office coffee machines on the Internet. Search online for the suppliers offering their services online and request for quotes from them. It is advisable to do business with a reputed supplier so as to prevent hassles in the future.

Coffee machine hire services: Get coffee without buying a machine

A vending machine is of great use in offices and households. A coffee vending machine ensures that the people and the visitors in the company are served with hot coffee. In a household, a vending machine becomes highly useful in parties where you have to serve coffee and other beverages to your guests. You can buy a vending machine for sale and use it in your office or home. But, not all are in a position to buy a machine. Such people can make use of coffee machine hire services and get a machine on rent. There are vending machine rental companies in every city or town who can let you a machine for use at affordable costs.

Many companies and households are getting machines on rent and getting the services of vending machine for a brief period. You can get these vending machines on rent from vending machines for sale companies. The vending machine rental companies offer all latest varieties of automatic and semi-automatic coffee machines. The rental charges vary depending on the machine and the period for which it is hired. You can choose from any of the varieties available as per your convenience and budget and serve your guests with hot coffee. The coffee machine hire companies also offer maintenance services. So if anything happens to the machine during the hiring period, the company will send its experts to repair the machine.

You can browse the Internet to know and enquire about the coffee machine hire services in your area. Most of the vending machine for sale supplier also rent vending machines. Many vending machine rental companies also allow you to place your hiring requests online. You can browse through various machines available with the company and choose one as per your need. You can then request for booking the machine for rent for a desired period. The company will transport the machine to your address, install it and will then take it out after the hiring period. So, don't devoid your home or office from a vending machine due to lack of finances. Use a coffee machine on hire and charm your guests with a cuppa of hot coffee.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vending Machine suppliers

The term “vending machine” refers to a machine that accepts payments and dispenses a product or service. Such machines are very common in the Western countries and Japan. However, they are yet to make their mark in India. Vending machine suppliers in India are scarce because the machines available in the west are not appropriate in the Indian scenario. They have to be adapted to the country where they are to be placed.

When looking for a coffee vending machine , you will find that there are as many different pricing structures as there are suppliers. The choice of supplier is as important as the pricing of the machine. There are offers from the “free machine” or “low monthly rental” to “not the cheapest, but great service”. The point is to unpack these offers and scrutinize them step-by-step.

Let's take the “free machine” offer. There is nothing free in business. It is a given fact that unless it's stolen or the manufacturer has decided to go out of business, it isn't actually free. The vending machine supplier will realize the ‘free' cost from you at some point of time or other.

When you get a coffee vending machine, find out if the coffee and other consumables are being paid by the company or by you. When you get a ‘free installation' offer, the cost of consumables understandably will have to be borne by you because the supplier needs to cover the ‘free' cost here. Now calculate the cost of a cup of coffee and determine, what you actually pay. Get two or more quotes and determine the difference.

You also need to verify if you are obliged to buy consumable from the vending machine supplier . Again, suppliers who offer low rates, reclaim their cost somehow.

Check for the maintenance cost. A coffee vending machine , like any other machine, can break down and need regular maintenance. Does the supplier include maintenance and the cost of replacement of parts in the quotation? There are various models of coffee vending machines available in the market. Check out their prices and compare them before buying or renting that much needed coffee vending machine . Assess the likelihood of the supplier delivering on promises. Be sure of his being there when you need him!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Used coffee machines for limited budget

If you want to install a coffee vending machine at your place but are unable to do so due to lack of adequate finances then used coffee machines can be an effective remedy to your budgetary problem. Yes, you can buy a used vending machine which will come at a lesser price and get delicious hot coffee for yourself and others. There are many used vending machine suppliers in UK , who sell office coffee machine and single coffee machine to buyers. The cost of these machines is much lesser than the new ones and hence can be accommodated in a limited budget. And, most of the machines available are of good quality and in proper working condition. Most of the suppliers also offer warranty on the machines.

The used machine suppliers house all types of coffee machines. Here, you can get coffee machines for both office as well as home. An office coffee machine range will include singles coffee machine, combi coffee machine, Tassimo coffee machine and Jura coffee machine etc., to name a few. You can also shop for different types of used coffee machines here. You can buy standing machine, tabletop machine and many other varieties from these suppliers. However, you must carefully select the machine or else you may experience technical problems with the machine in the future. Apart from ensuring that the machine is technically fit for use, you may also need to make sure that it has sufficient filters. Also try to buy a machine that employs latest technology. Buying branded used coffee machines, though a little expensive, would be a good idea.

You have decided to buy a used machine? Then take help of any search engine to get access to used coffee machines suppliers in your city. Browse through their websites, compare and check various machines and pick the one which best suits your budget and needs. Visit a few websites before taking the final decision. Order online for the office coffee machine or any other type of machine. The used coffee machine will be at your doorstep in a few days.

Used Coffee Machines

More and more businesses are installing office coffee machines with a view to increasing productivity. Installing such machines at the workplace is a gesture of goodwill to your employees to show that you care and what better way than to take care of their caffeine. They are able to get a good cup of coffee without leaving the workplace and it boosts their morale.

A very interesting point that has been brought out in a survey relates to the networking that occurs in such an environment. The discussion near the coffee dispenser invariably veers to work related issues rather than inane gossip. Such discussions improve productivity and boost work output.

An ideal coffee machine would be an office coffee machine that does not cost too much, whether it's bought or rented. Or perhaps you could make a deal with some coffee house  the free use of their coffee machine in return for the use of their products. Either way, it would cost you something. Evaluate all options and calculate the cost to see which suits you the best.

Evaluate the coffee needs and expertise of your staff. Expertise here refers to the expertise in the correct handling of coffee machine. Misusing or badly handling a coffee machine and the products it dispenses can lead to its break down, ultimately costing more.

Another option is to buy used coffee machines. There are a lot of used machines available in the market in excellent condition or perhaps with a little damage. Once you have evaluated and assessed your needs, you need to now shop for one. Restaurants, call centers, BPOs  all sell their used coffee machines . The trick is to keep a look out for one. Many small firms specialise in selling refurbished coffee machines that are as good as new.

It all finally comes down to the size of your business, your budget and the kind of office coffee machine that the organization requires. While a used coffee machine would undoubtedly cost less, the quality of coffee is as good as a new machine. But the point to remember is that it is not for the use of everyone. It requires expert handling.

To Buy or to Rent

If you have decided to start a vending business, then the first order of the day is a vending machine. People are so rushed nowadays that they are always ready to grab something from the vending machine  be it snacks, a sandwich, coffee or any other drink. Make a list of things that you need to do before you get started. The first thing would be to choose the location where you would place it. Analyze the kind of people frequenting that location and their choices; the kind of vending machine that you would need; your budget and a good supplier also. Let us take these one by one.

There are so many kinds of vending machines in the market ranging from snacks, cigarettes, CDs, drinks, coffee and many more. You name it and it is there. According to industry studies, consumers everywhere spend more on vended merchandise than they spend on movies, videos, CDs or professional sports.

Once you have decided the kind of machine you require, choose the location where you would place it. The success of this business depends on the right choice of location. Colleges would need a drink vending machine ; schools would need a healthier option; gyms would look for sugary drinks. Location is crucial, because by strategizing your machines' placement, you can really increase your chances of making a profit. In addition to these, some of the best places for drink and snack vending machines are hospitals, hotels, bus stops, malls and even big residential societies. As far as placement goes, you should put the machines in high-traffic areas. If you're putting one in an office, break rooms are the obvious choice for placement but you should also think about areas that everyone passes by. A possible place could be outside of the restrooms or near the front door.

Now evaluate and assess your budget. If you prefer to test the waters before buying a machine, then you can make use of vending machine rentals available in your area.

Finally, whether you decide to buy a vending machine or go for a vending machine rental , you need a good supplier. Your supplier should be able to provide consumables for your vending machine as well as give you ideas or discounts. Quite often suppliers will give you helpful information about how to get off the ground and make more money. Whether it's a snack or a drink vending machine and whether bought or a vending machine rental , they should provide maintenance service regularly.

The Vending Business

If you are looking for some extra income, then the vending machine business is the most lucrative one. There are so many in the market but still they are much in demand. Apart from the extra income, having your own business means that you can set your own hours, be your own boss and working for yourself is the biggest boost that one can have.

To get started you need a vending machine and to acquire one, you need vending machine suppliers . Decide on the kind of vending machine that your require and get in touch with suitable suppliers. Your supplier should be reputed  the kind of reputation that comes from being in the business for a long time. People know them and recommend them. The vending machine supplier will guide you step by step into setting up you vending business. After all, if your business succeeds, then it means more business to him. It's a mutually benefitting interaction.

Vending machines are located at every conceivable place today. They are probably the most convenient inventions of the previous century. If you are hungry and don't have much time then the vending machine will provide you with a sandwich or snack. When people are hungry, they grab whatever they can get till they can dig into a real meal. There are soda machines, combo machines, gumball machines, coffee vending machine, newspaper vending machine, and so many more.

The first thing to do to start is to get information and the best place to do so is online. Just one click will open up a world of vending machine suppliers. Once you have shortlisted your supplier, check out what he has to offer  the kinds of vending machines for sale and so on.

Kenco are vending machine suppliers located in UK, with a reputation for supplying top quality vending machines  a reputation they have built up over the years. They have vending machines for sale and rental and provide quality service. With a network of reliable and professional Kenco operators they can ensure that the customers get immediate service.

Choices galore in coffee vending machines

Coffee vending machines have become an indispensable part of shopping malls, food courts and offices. It is also of great use in households that regularly host parties. Any place which wants to serve a large number of people with hot coffee is deemed to be fit for a coffee vending machine. The growing usage and consequent demand for vending machines has led to the entry of numerous manufacturers in the vending machine business. Each manufacturer has come with its own range of vending machines. Technological advancements too have led to the introduction of newer varieties of coffee vending machines. The result is that today you have more than hundred different varieties of coffee vending machines to choose from with each promising a unique feature and greater efficiency and convenience. For the buyers, it has never been so good. You have machines to suit varied needs and accommodate a range of budgets. Today, in the marketplace, you can surely get what you set out looking for.

The coffee vending machines differ in size, design and technology. You have single and combi vending machines. You also have the option to choose from standing, tabletop and wall mounting coffee machines as per your office space. Similarly, you can choose from semi automatic to fully automatic machines. Each coffee vending machine then has numerous variants in design and colour. There is also plenty of variety in size, from smaller machines suitable for households to large machines for corporate and restaurants. There is so much on offer with each outdoing the other, that it won't be easy for you to choose a machine of your choice.

It is important that you first understand your requirements before shopping for coffee vending machines . Once you are sure of features you want in the machine then you can shop around and have a look at various options available. Compare each option with your requirements and then choose and buy a machine which satisfies your requisites the most. Also enquire and make sure about the warranty terms and maintenance services provided by the suppliers before booking order for the vending machine .

Can vending machines: A cool business move

Insert a coin in the machine and a chilled can of a Coke or Pepsi comes out. You open the can and satiate your thirst with your favourite beverage. But have you ever thought about the business of can vending machines ? It is a multi-billion industry across the globe and is really smart business. The business earns you good profits but the real advantage is that it can be started with little money. You can initially start with a single vending machine. You can either buy it or take it on rent from any of the vending machines suppliers in your area. Choose a location where you expect a good number of footfalls. Take necessary permission from authorities and install the machine. Fill it with cans of different beverages everyday and collect the earnings in the evening. That's it. Once you earn enough money then you can look to buy a second machine, then a third one and so on. In due time, as your business will grow, you would be able to add other different beverages and will also be able to hire man for maintaining all the machines. Now, isn't that a cool business move?

There are many vending machine suppliers in UK who sell or rent Can vending machines . You can buy a good quality Can dispenser from them. Go for branded vending machines as it will not only function properly but are stylishly designed to attract people. And choose a machine of correct size in estimation with the number of potential customers. A small machine will not be suitable for a hugely crowded place as stocks will run out too often, resulting in disappointed customers. So buy a machine that is large enough to serve your customers.

There are many attractive public spots where can vending machines would be lucrative business. Public libraries, theatres, schools, colleges and bookstores are few ideal places where people would be looking for cold beverages. You can also install the machines at sporting events and earn handsomely from the enterprise. So contact vending machine suppliers today and kick off your business venture.

Vending machines: Beverages on a push of button

Beverages like cold drinks, tea and coffee have become an integral part of hospitality. We welcome quests with beverages and it is a part of every celebration. While serving a limited number of people is easy. You can prepare tea, coffee personally and serve them. But what if there is huge number of people? You take help of vending machines and let it serve your guests with hot coffee or tea. A vending machine has come across as an excellent solution in serving beverages to a large number of people. And that's why, you can find these machines installed at every place. In UK , you will at least find one vending machine at the public points. A vending machine is of use in both households and offices. You can use it when you host parties at home. In offices, you can use it regularly to serve your employees and clients. High efficiency and cost-effectiveness has made it a welcome addition to every household and office.

You have two options to get the services of a vending machine. You can either hire it or buy vending machines for sale . There are many suppliers who specialize in offering vending machines for sale. Similarly, there are many rental companies that offer vending machines on hire. So, depending on your need and budget, you can choose any of the option and get the services of a vending machine. There are many varieties in vending machines and hire. There are single vending machines which dispense only one kind of beverage-tea, coffee or cold drinks. Then there are combi machines that dispense many kinds of beverages and snacks. Similarly the machines also differ in size and design. You can get any machine as per your need and budget.

Internet has emerged as a valuable resource in learning more about vending machines for sale or hire. You can use any of the search engines to get access to suppliers, rental companies and manufacturers of vending machine. Moreover, you can also request for price quotes and book orders as all popular vending machine suppliers and rental companies offer online services.

The World of Vending Machines

Japan has one vending machine for every 23 people and can be found anywhere from street corners to office blocks. In UK , these machines are more common at the workplace. There are vending machines for everything from drinks (hot or cold) to newspapers, postcards, flowers, rice, alcohol, gifts and many more. Vending machines may well bridge the gap between internet and high street.

A drink vending machine can be for any beverage hot or cold. Coffee and cold drinks are more popular as compared to tea. Almost every office has one installed to convey a sense of caring to its employees.

Vending machines are, in fact, becoming a fixture at call centres. And there are more than ordinary reasons for that. One, employees at business process outsourcing (BPO) firms work round the clock, since they come in at different timings and in different shifts. So, companies want them to be inside the campus for safety reasons, especially during nights. Second, vending machines at convenient spots also help make sure that tea breaks do not get stretched.

In the process, call centres are opening up a big retail opportunity for beverage companies. In fact, some are already generating good business from BPOs and KPOs. Some provide cash-less service in offices through smart cards.

As of now, hot beverages' vending machines for tea and coffee have the substantial share in sales of machines in India. But the soft drink vending machine is not too far behind. But who would want an ice-cold soda in the dead of winter? Wouldn't a hot drink be preferable? There are machines installed in Japan, which sell both hot and cold drinks. And then there are energy drinks, which are getting more popular as instant pick-me-ups.

Kenco Local Business service offer drink vending machines that vend anything from standard cans of coke to bottles of water, fruit juices and even smoothies. Their unique motorless vend mechanism can handle most shapes and sizes of bottles and cans. It offers a clear display of all products. Their machines have a rapid pick up mechanism that gently collects the drink and delivers it at a convenient height and can vend both 330 m and 500 ml bottles. These vending machine experts make the effort to understand the need of buyer and use their experience and knowledge to make the process of selection of vending machines simpler.

Tassimo coffee machine: Brew coffee in style

Coffee machines have gained immense popularity over the years. There is a huge market for coffee vending machines. The multi-billion coffee machine market has many reputed and established players who offer both, singles coffee machine and combi coffee machines, to buyers. One such name is Tassimo. The Tassimo coffee machine is popular across the world for its cutting edge technology, sleek design and high efficiency. With a Tassimo, a cup of delicious hot coffee is just a push of a button away. So, if you too are looking for a high quality coffee maker then Tassimo is the name to trust upon.

It takes less than 60 seconds to brew coffee in a Tassimo. Pick a cup, place it on the pedestal provided and simply press the button. Wait for a few seconds and then experience the rich taste of freshly brewed hot coffee. The machine can dispense variable quantities of coffee-from small cups to travel mugs. In addition, the Tassimo coffee machine has been fitted with various filters to make sure that only freshest water and other ingredients go to your cup. It also saves the bitter taste of the coffee. There is a wide range of Tassimo coffee machines available in the market. You can choose from many varieties including Tassimo singles coffee machine , Tassimo cappuccino and Tassimo brewer direct etc. The price and features of each machine varies. However, Tassimo machines are reasonably priced and therefore you can easily get a good quality coffee vending machine well within your budget. You can also get Tassimo machines on rent.

You can shop around the market to know inform yourself with the various options available with Tassimo. Visiting a few Tassimo machine suppliers will also help you bargain for the price. Use internet and comfortably contact various Tassimo coffee machine suppliers in your area. You can request for product catalogue and price quotes on their websites. Study the various features of the machine and then choose one which you deem is the best. Book order for the machine by paying online and it will be shipped at your doorstep.

Take advantage of coffee machine hire services

Coffee machines are a common feature in offices, home and restaurants. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages across the globe. Who doesn't like a cuppa? If your office or business too wishes to install coffee machines to serve hot coffee to your employees and clients then instead of buying new coffee machines you can take advantage of coffee machine hire services. Getting coffee machines on rent will save you from investing huge money on buying it.

There are many rental companies in the country that offer coffee machines on rent at reasonable rates. The coffee machine hire companies offer all varieties of machines on rent. You can either choose standing, tabletop or wall mounting machines for your office or restaurant depending on the space available. The companies also offer you the option to choose from single or combi machines. A single machine will only dispense coffee whereas a combi can dispense two or three different types of beverages. There are different sizes of coffee machines available depending on their capability to serve the number of people. If you have a big office with large employee strength then you can pick a big size machine or else choose a small machine. The coffee machine technology has also improved over the years and hence today you can choose from stylish and sleek range of machines which will serve you the finest coffee.

Another advantage of getting the services of coffee machine hire companies is that they also take care of maintaining the machines. Expert engineers from the rental company will periodically inspect the machines and in case of any functional problem will rush in to rectify it. However one needs to exercise care while choosing a rental company and consider a few important things before making the final call. It is advisable to select a reputed and experienced company which is known for its dedicated and excellent services. Secondly, the machines offered to you should be latest and fully functional so as to avoid regular operational glitches. Select the right coffee machine hire services and freshen-up the mood in your office.

Lifesaving Machines

A large number of people love to drink coffee. It not only provides that wake up boost but also warms up the body on a cold day. Before the advent of coffee machines, the process of making coffee was a chore.

Coffee has been a staple beverage of most people since the days of early Egyptians. It quickly spread to the neighbouring countries. The earliest known methods of coffee preparation were roasting the beans on open fire and then adding to boiling water for consumption.

The first coffee machine came into existence in 1818 and was invented by a gentleman named Mr. Laurens. It has been modified through the ages. It came to be known as the ‘cowboy pot' because of the number of cowboys who began using it.

In 1890, the Manning-Bowman Percolator was marketed in the United States. These percolators were made out of linen with a cloth that had to be cleaned after every use. In 1912 the cloth was replaced by a paper filter. The cleaning up process became easier and coffee machines became popular. In 1960 coffee pots with disposable filters began being used commercially.

But if you think, you have to spend a lot of money for your coffee machine to be any good, think again. They can be picked up for much less. Rather than spending precious money at cafes, it would be much more sensible to invest in a coffee machine. And if you are on a budget, then a coffee machine hire would be the best bet.

Kenco, a company based in the UK, has a variety of coffee machines to choose from. Whatever your need, they have just the right machine for you. You can choose from their Tabletop, Floor Standing and Kenco Singles machines. Their range of coffee machines offer drinks made from freshly ground coffee beans to coffee made out of soluble ingredients. Their floor standing machines offer coffee in the bean to cup variety.

Life is too short to drink bad coffee. Your day depends on how good your early morning coffee is. If buying that particular life saving coffee machine is too big for your pocket, go for a coffee machine hire and be done with it.

Know your coffee machine

Industrial coffee machines are just what they sound  Big. Big in every conceivable way  size, quantity and the quality of coffee brewed; which is why they are different from the regular coffee vending machines.

Industrial coffee machines are a great buy for any business which requires brewing coffee for a large number of people. Whether it is a restaurant or an office, if the need is to keep hot coffee ready at all times, then it is the commercial coffee maker. Though, there are those who prefer to buy the regular home coffee makers. While that is good enough for the home, it turns out to be a messy investment in the long run. You need to know what you need from the machine  the kind of coffee required, the quantity in which coffee is to be brewed  your budget and where to find that machine in that budget. In short, apart from the requirements, you need to know the best buy too.

Since industrial coffee machines are meant for the use of a large population, they are designed to be more durable and faster. While the home machines can brew a few cups at a time, the commercial ones can brew a few hundreds or even more in an hour. If you expect your home coffee maker to keep up with this quantity, it will soon give up the ghost. There are a lot of advanced features available like one touch brewing, frothing, built in grinders, timers and water filters etc. They can also brew lattes, espressos, cappuccinos or a cup of simple coffee.

The best advantage is that they are less messy than the residential ones. There is less water spillage. They are simple to use and easy to maintain. Though they cost about 40% more than the usual coffee makers, they are worth the money. They are more durable, can brew more coffee and come with a lot of features that you wouldn't find in the home coffee machine.

When you shop around for coffee machines, you will find that there is a whole world of them just waiting to be discovered. So just go ahead, and look around till you finally find the industrial coffee machine that is just for you.

How to select a vending machine hire company?

There are many vending machine hire companies in UK . While, on one hand, the plentiful options available provides you with freedom of choice but on the other hand it might become a little difficult to pick the right company. Remember, a vending machine might encounter technical problems for which you would require timely technical support from the rental company or else your machine will remain inactive for many days. Choosing the right vending machine rental company is essential as it will not only help you get excellent services but will also save you from glitches in the future. Here are a few things which you must consider while choosing the rental company:

• Reputation and experience- Does the vending machine hire company have a good reputation in the market? How many years of experience does it have? These are important questions the answers to which you must know. A brief search about the company will provide you with details about the company.

• Quality and range of machine- A good vending machine hire company must not only provide good quality machines but should also provide you with multiple options so that you can choose as per your office or business requirements. Also find out, how soon the company would be able to replace the machine, if required so.

• Costs of the services- Is the company charging you reasonably? The rates may vary a little but it should not be too costly or else the whole purpose of hiring instead of buying a machine would be defeated.

• Maintenance services- Does the vending machine rental company offer maintenance services? If yes, then what is the response time of its maintenance staff? Do they work 24 X 7? You would require dedicated maintenance services from the company so that your employees and clients get their cuppa regularly.

It is advisable to choose the company which satisfies you most on the above points. You would be hiring a machine for long periods, and hence it is better to solve all your queries before signing the deal with the vending machine hire company.

Drink vending machine for offices

There is huge demand for beverages in business organizations. Companies require beverages such as tea, coffee, soda and cold drinks for its employees as well as to host any guest that visits it premises. And that's why companies spend a good amount of money in ensuring that there is sufficient fill of beverages. A drink vending machine is an excellent resource to fulfil the beverage requirements of any office.

Putting a vending machine saves time and money. How? Firstly, it saves on manpower as a vending machine doesn't require supervision to operate. Anyone who longs for a coffee or any other beverage, only needs to push a button and the industrial coffee machine would dispense a cup of hot coffee. Secondly, on calculation, the cost of a cup of coffee or any other drink from a vending machine is lower in comparison to preparing it in a canteen or ordering from a coffee shop.

Drink vending machine for offices are different in size than those of households. The machines need to cater to a large number of people and hence are bigger with capability to serve more people at one go. You can either install a single machine such as industrial coffee machine which will only serve one type of drink or combi machines which will serve many types of beverages. There are also machines available that can serve snacks as well as drinks.

Want to buy a drink vending machine for your business? Then you can shop for it from the comfort of your office by logging on to internet. There are many suppliers in UK who specialize in vending machines such as industrial coffee machine, industrial combi machines etc. You can get access to the websites of suppliers with the help of a search engine. The websites will provide you information on products and services offered by the vendors and suppliers. You can compare various drink vending machines and then choose one for your office. You can then book order for the machine online. Alternatively you can also hire vending machines. There are many rental companies in UK from where you can get a vending machine on hire.

Coffee machines UK business: A smart idea

A hot cup of coffee can freshen-up anyone. The aroma and rich taste of a freshly brewed coffee is simply irresistible. And that's why coffee has gained immense popularity cutting across all ages and cultures. Coffee has become a part of staple diet- be it in the morning or evening. The huge popularity of different varieties of coffee among people from all walks of life has also led to the emergence of smart business opportunities. Installing coffee machines UK is one such entrepreneurship idea that can pay rich dividends at low investments.

There are many public points where coin-operated coffee vending machines can be installed. Anyone who wishes for a cuppa has to insert a coin and his or her choice of coffee is dispensed by the machine. The advantage with coffee machines UK business is that these vending machines require little supervision to operate. The machines can be supplied with all necessary ingredients in the morning and then left alone. You can periodically visit the point to replenish the machine and that's it. You will be only left with collecting and counting the coins.

You can start with a single coffee vending machine and slowly and steadily can build a chain. Later on, when your business grows big, you can recruit a team of people who will take care of maintain the machines and ensuring its fill. The coffee machines UK business may have many players today and the market may look extremely competitive but in reality there is still tremendous scope of new entrants. New public points such as malls, theatres and markets are coming up where the coffee vending machines can be a huge draw. Alternatively, you can also serve offices and other organizations like schools and colleges.

You can also install vending machines dispensing other beverages such as cold drinks, snacks and soda etc., to draw in more people and earn more. Actually a coffee vending machine will be only a starting idea on which you can build other complimentary businesses as well. You will not only earn profit but will also get satisfaction of catering to so many people.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Multiple benefits of vending machine

A vending machine not only has use in offices and businesses but can also come handy in personal use. If you are a person who love to entertain guest and throw regular parties then a snack or drink vending machine can offer you multiple benefits. There are many occasions in a household such as Christmas, New Year, birthdays and anniversaries of family members where friends are invited to celebrate the occasion. A vending machine will be of great help on such occasions. Here's how a vending machine can help you:

Saves manpower: Vending machines can serve a number of people in a few minutes. You just need to refill it and then it only takes a push of button to get cold drinks, coffee, tea or consumables. There is no or little need for waiters as your guests can self-serve themselves.

Lower costs: A cup of coffee or tea from a vending machine comes at a lower cost in comparison to those prepared in kitchen. And, hence your expenses comes down considerably and you can invite more guests in the same budget.

Range of options- There are many varieties in vending machines which offers you to get vending machines as per your needs. You can get tabletop machines to save space. Similarly you can choose a small machines if you have only invited close friend to the party.

Buy or hire- You can either buy a vending machine or can rent it from a supplier. These options help you get services of vending machines as per your convenience and needs. If you are a regular party-thrower then you can buy a vending machine or you can hire it in case you organise parties on important occasions.

Maintenance and refilling services- Suppliers also offer maintenance and refilling services on the purchase or rental of vending machines. They will also install the machines at your place. So, you don't have to do much apart from selecting the model and paying for it.

So, get a coffee or drink vending machine and enjoy its multiple benefits and that too, at low costs.

Man vs Machine

Given the speed with which machines are replacing humans in work, the world will soon see machines ruling the roost. Take for example, vending machines. Offices used to have cafeterias where people got together for lunch, tea or coffee breaks but now all organizations have coffee vending machines.

The first recorded vending machine is recorded in the work of Hero of Alexandria , a first century engineer and mathematician. Vending machines have gone through a lot of change over the decades. Many machines are still evolving to be able to take credit cards.

Vending machines work on a simple mechanism  the customer pays and the machine releases the product paid for. Whether it is coffee, tea, cold drinks, snacks or even sandwiches, these machines can hold everything. Coffee vending machines are commonly seen at hotels, restaurants, and airports etc. where people gather more.

Some products need to be prepared to become available. Coffee for example, needs to be concocted on the spot. It has also become a good business sense to install vending machines. Vending machine suppliers should set up the vending machine at crowded places like shopping malls, theatre etc. Also, there must be no tea or coffee shop nearby. So the manufacturers should complement the company needs and the makers have to make sure that the beverage they are offering is always fresh, otherwise people will head for the nearest coffee shop.

To get business consistently, they must visit the machine periodically and make sure that the machine is clean and free of pests.

Kenco Local Business Service are the leading manufacturers and vending machine suppliers

in UK . They have a personal, family focused approach and offer all the major advantages of a big organization. Refilling machine consumables, including products from top name brands such as Kenco, Maxwell House, Suchards, Walkers, Cadbury and Coke, and providing expert machine maintenance, remain an essential part of the service offered by Kenco Local Business Service.

They also work closely with their clients to ensure that the right machines are selected for the right locations and the right products are available at the right time.

Drink Vending Machines

Wikipedia defines soft drink as a drink that contains no alcohol, though it may contain small amounts, less than 0.5% by volume and is a sugary, carbonated drink, usually consumed while chilled. It is something that every eatery or tea/coffee shop stocks  hospitals, schools, and every other place with an eatery. Where these were sold behind manual counters, vending machines have now taken over these manual counters. They may or may not be operated manually and these machines can stock everything from newspapers, candy, cigarettes and drinks  just about anything.

Cigarettes were sold in the United States through these machines, but this practice is increasingly rare due to concerns about under-aged buyers. A Drink Vending Machine is very commonly found everywhere. In the recent years, debate on whether high calorie soft drink vending machines should be banned in schools has been on the rise. But inspite of all debates, vending machines are here and are here to stay.

A full-line vending company may set up several types of vending machines that sell a wide range of products. The types of products may include candy, cookies, chips, fresh fruit, milk, cold food, coffee, bottles, cans of soda, and even frozen products like ice cream. These products can be sold from various types of vending machines that include coffee, snack, cold food, 20 oz bottle machines , and glass-front bottle machines . Almost all machines accept bills with more and more machines accepting $5 bills. This is a great advantage to the vendor because it virtually eliminates the need for a bill changer.

They are stacked with cans of coke, bottles of water, fruit juice and even fruit smoothies. The companies supplying these machines offer services which begin from helping the buyer choose the right kind of machine to maintenance of the machine, refilling and servicing.

Kenco Local Services offer range of quality vending machines supported by expert service and maintenance. Their have a huge range of such machines to dispense snacks, combination of snacks and beverages, coffee and drink vending machines . Their maintenance includes cleaning of the machine, keeping it pest free and stocking it with the product and paper cups etc. They offer the option of buying, leasing, renting or loan options and provide full training and technical support.

Coffee Vending Business

Thinking of getting into the vending business? You need to think it out carefully to make it work. Let's face it  you are not a philanthropist. You are getting into it to make profits. Who wouldn't like to enjoy the freedom of a low maintenance, high profit industry that would generate cash round the clock? But for the profits to explode, you will need to learn to identify hot locations  develop a keen eye for finding the kind of placements that can be turned into six more placements. If you have a low budget, then finding a quality vending machine rental service is what can define the success or failure of your business.

Choose your vending machine rental wisely. Many businesses overlook the quality of the machines they are renting. But if you really want your business to work, you must not only invest in a good quality machine but also position the machine at the right spot. A successful business is all about being at the right place to do the right thing at the right time.

If you are not sure about how to start it and contact a reliable rental service, you can search for it on the internet. There are a lot of rental services offering a wide variety of high quality vending machines along with a supply of the most popular products.

You can be sure that a good rental service would have enough knowledge of what is in demand and where. Amongst the vending machines, the coffee machine hire seems to be the most popular. Currently, there is this consumption-based rental in the market that allows one to get their coffee machine for free for a trial period.

Coffee machine hire used to be restricted to tabletops but now more and more suppliers are providing more machine options. It is a wise alternative to purchasing or leasing an espresso machine. There are a lot of rental services offering rentals for flexible periods. The price of the rentals generally includes the ingredients that go into the making of coffee and the coffee cups too. Apart from all this training is provided and the company takes care of maintenance and repairs.

Coffee machine hire is in fact, the best option for you if you are planning to start a business in vending and have a low budget.

Coffee shop in the office

Heading to the local coffee shop for coffee and snacks is now a thing of the past. With the advent of the office vending machine dispensing anything from eatables to beverages, businesses have found a solution to keeping their staff in the office. There are machines for snacks, hot and cold beverages or a combination.

Coffee, the most sought after beverage in the office, is something that has become a staple during working hours. One of the most difficult decisions an office has to make while buying an office coffee machine is whether to buy one that uses instant coffee or one that grinds coffee beans to prepare the drink, also known as the bean-to-cup vending machine. It depends on a lot of things but basically the cost of vending machine and ingredients, taste, maintenance and the time taken to prepare the coffee.

There will be a difference in the cost of instant and coffee beans machine because the electronics and hardware required to grind the coffee beans and make coffee is specialized compared to the instant coffee machines. But it would be worth the cost. There is nothing like the aroma of freshly ground and brewed coffee!!!! The cost of the ingredients too would be sizeable.

As regards the taste, the taste of instant coffee will differ from the bean-to-cup machine. The ground coffee would be stronger and bitterer than the instant coffee which for someone not used to the taste can be quite unpalatable. The time taken to prepare instant coffee is much lesser than the bean coffee.

Kenco Local Business Service supply office coffee machines suitable for every kind of environment. They supply automatic coffee vending machines, filter coffee machines and table top vending machines. You can select from a range of coffee machines that offer drinks made from freshly ground beans to coffee machines that offer fast dispense drinks made from soluble ingredients. And their products are easy to use and maintain.

So if your staff is frequenting the local coffee shop at coffee breaks or for lunch, setting up an office vending machine for their coffee and snacks would make them believe that they are more important than paper clips.

Americano or Cappuccino

The vending machine industry generated sales of about $22.1 billion annually in the US alone in the late 1990s. The statistics shows the growing dependency of offices  big and small  on the office vending machine to keep their staff happy and save time spent in coffee shops as well. Vending machines are being used globally to automatically dispense products in an array of environments for a diverse range of products. The Japanese have an ongoing love affair with vending machines, which sell every thing imaginable.

Offices, especially small offices, having less staff don't get the larger convenience services that bigger ones get, such as catered events or coffee delivery etc. So many offices are now installing their own office coffee machine in their break-rooms, which they can operate themselves using a cup for change. Prices are set lower than normal vending machines, but high enough that they make a profit to cover the cost of the machine, whether it is purchased, on lease or on rental basis. The advantage is that the staff can take breaks without actually using the company's time.

Researches show that more than 50% of coffee drinkers consume espresso. So, while having a gourmet coffee maker in the office would not only be impractical, it would not be feasible in such an environment. There are single serve coffee makers where you can brew coffee on these one button office vending machines.

A search on the internet would open up pages and pages of office coffee vending machines

categorized from A to Z listing the brands, instant coffee machines, the bean to cup machines, or one brewing espresso coffee, making life simpler. For who would know the difference between an Americano and a cappuccino or the special thing about latte??

The Kenco Local Business Service Association in UK supplies quality vending machines, even supplying top branded products to include in the snack. Their coffee vending machines are backed up by a professional approach and great personal service, providing servicing and maintenance too. They also provide full training and technical assistance. They have a range of coffee vending machines from the tabletop to the floor standing coffee machines. The Kenco singles machines are suitable for almost every environment.

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Office vending machine: Save time and costs

Employees, across the globe, require tea, coffees and snacks while working. A cup of hot coffee can freshen up and help an employee concentrate better. And, that's why, offices have tea or coffee breaks when employee can take a short break from working and enjoy a cup of coffee and some snacks. An office vending machine can be of great help in these coffee breaks. It will save time as well as money to the employer. A coffee vending machine, depending on the size, can serve a number of people within seconds which is impossible for a catering or canteen service. The second advantage is that it can serve you hot coffee anytime unlike a catering service. And the most important advantage is that the cost of a cup of coffee from an office coffee machine costs much lesser in comparison to other options. So, you can cut down your coffee expenses significantly by choosing to install a vending machine at your office.

The market today offers a range of sleek and stylishly designed office vending machine models. You can get an office coffee machine , snacks vending machine or a combi which dispenses both snacks and coffee. The machines are also available in many sizes thus allowing you to choose one as per the number of people in your office. Similarly, you can choose from a range of vending machines that can dispense crisps, consumables and cold drinks. In short, you can choose a machine as per your budget and your employees' preferences.

You can either buy an office vending machine or can hire it. There are many coffee vending machine suppliers who also offer vending machines on rent. You can choose the hiring option in case you need vending machines for short periods. You just have to select the type of machine you want in your office and the rest will be done by the supplier. The supplier will install it at the desired place in your office and will also offer you refilling and maintenance services.

A vending machine will help you save a lot. Go for it and reap the benefits.

Tips on choosing coffee vending machines

A coffee vending machine is a highly useful product for personal and official use. It can be useful in parties, restaurants, stores and offices. And, therefore, coffee vending machines should be properly selected while buying or hiring it. There are many types of coffee vending machines available in the market and hence you can choose the best machine which will cater to your needs. Here are a few tips that can be of help when you shop for a coffee vending machine:

Type of machine: The type of coffee vending machine you should buy or hire depends on your needs and space available. You can make your choice from exclusive coffee dispensers or opt for combi machines which will also serve you snacks in addition to coffee. Similarly, you can pick between floor standing and tabletop machines. In the same way, you also have to decide on the size of the machine. The machines come in multiple sizes and hence you can pick the size as per your office needs.

Shop around: It is better to shop around the market and get in touch with many vending machine suppliers to learn about various options available and the costs involved. This will also offer you negotiation space and you can save some money on the purchase. You can contact suppliers via internet. You can visit websites of suppliers who offer services in your area, ask for the product catalogue or request for vending machine quotes.

Where to buy: There are many coffee vending machine suppliers in UK . However, it is best to do business with a reputed and experienced supplier as that will ensure quality product, reasonable rates and timely maintenance services. It is best to verify the genuineness of the claims made by the supplier. You can request him to provide you the names of some of its clients and cross-check with them about the quality of services provided by the company.

Keeping the above tips in mind will not only you help you get the best coffee vending machine but will also help you from service related troubles in the future.

Vending machine rental: Smart choice at low costs

Does your office need a vending machine? Have you put the buying decision on hold due to costs? If yes, then your organization can greatly benefit from vending machine rental services. There are many companies in UK that offer vending machines on rent and that too at very low rates. You can smartly make use of the coffee machine hire services to get the services of a vending machine without investing a lot in it. Moreover, if your company is new and you want to test the utility and usage of a vending machine, you can do it by getting a vending machine on rent for a short period and then take a decision on buying it.

You can find all types of vending machines on rent. You can rent tabletop, standing or single machines. There are exclusive snacks, coffee and cold drinks vending machines. These vending machines will only dispense one type of eatables and drinks. Then, there are combi vending machines that can dispense both snacks and coffee or cold drinks. Similarly, you can choose from multiple sizes of vending machines on rent. If you have a large office with higher employee strength then you can opt for a bigger machine. Alternatively, if you are suffering from space crunch then you can rent smaller vending machines. In addition, these days, you also get stylishly designed vending machines that can fully complement your office decor. In short, you have the freedom of choice to choose from a wide range of vending machines and meet your requirements to the best.

Want to hire an office vending machine? There are a few things you must keep in mind apart from rental rates while choosing the coffee machine hire services. First and foremost, look for a company that offers you a range of vending machines to choose from. Secondly, also enquire about the maintenance and replacement services offered by the company. And, above all, choose a reputed and experienced vending machine rental company so that you get the best of services and that too at competitive rates. Internet can be of great help in your search for the right company.

To buy or to hire

For the uninitiated, the best way to start would be to explain a vending machine. A vending machine provides snacks , beverages , lottery tickets , and other products to consumers without a cashier . Items sold via these machines vary by country and region. A virtually unheard of concept a few decades back, it has now taken over all companies and offices aiming to provide a refreshment bar from cold drinks, tea, coffee, sandwiches, chocolates etc., to almost everything, at not very great cost to company. A vending machine rental is the best way to test its acceptance and usage in the office.

It saves the space that would be required for a full time cafeteria and the need for the employees to order tea, coffee etc., from the nearest teashop, thereby saving precious time used for the tea break. Vending machines have taken over the old concept of a full cafeteria, being stocked with everything that a cafeteria would have. Therefore, some smaller organizations just opt for coffee machine hire.

The first thing to do would be to identify your needs i.e. the kind of machine that would be suitable for your business. So, while some offices catering to a larger number of staff would require a bigger machine, there would be some requiring perhaps just a tabletop coffee machine. After identifying your needs, the next step would be to look for quality vending machines backed up by a professional and friendly service.

Whatever the size of the organization, a coffee machine is a must  whether a tabletop, floor standing or a singles machine. If you are not sure of the need, go for coffee machine hire , till you are sure that buying it would actually cut the costs.

Kenco is a local business and service association in UK supplying top quality vending machines, including the latest models and water coolers, to companies and organizations of all sizes across Greater London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Hertfordshire. Apart from supplying, servicing and maintaining coffee vending machines including the Kenco Singles Coffee machine, they also provide and support coke vending machines, cold drink vending machines, chocolate vending machines, coca cola vending machines and many more. They help choose and supply the right vending machine for your environment and have the option of vending machine rental too along with providing full training and technical assistance.