Saturday, April 2, 2011

Check the Options Available on Your Coffee Vending Machines

One of the few businesses which have stayed profitable even during the economic downturn is of coffee vending machines . Whether you use an industrial coffee machine or a smaller tabletop variety, you should review the options available to you. Ask yourself whether they have multiple vending options or will it dispense only a single kind of coffee.

Usually an industrial coffee machine will have single serve, maybe even a beans to cup brewing option. That way it proves more economic in terms of water which is warmed up and energy consumption. There are coffee vending machines which will allow you to add fresh milk. However, the single most important issue which might tilt the scales in favor of a particular design is the size.

Every one wants their coffee vending machines to look stylish, but what is its footprint will decide if and where they can place a specific model. In most sites the available space is small. So check the size when you check the vending options. How many kinds of coffee would you be able to dispense from your industrial coffee machine ? Are you installing it to service the hot drinks needs of the personnel of a large office or do you need it for commercial reasons?

Cafes and restaurants typically need to serve several hundreds of cups of coffee in the course of the day. So a delicate, fussy kind of machine which has a dandy look but keeps breaking down or having parts replaced every other day simply won't do. The sturdier industrial coffee machine recovers more than its initial outlay because of the several kinds of saving it affords.

With fewer spillages, burnouts and changes of filter, an industrial coffee machine is built to conserve. Since it will make exactly as much coffee as is needed, coffee beans or grounds or even energy utilized are not wasted. And if your need is for coffee vending machines that will serve cappuccinos, lattes, espressos and not just the standard Americano, then you really need to invest in an industrial coffee machine.

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