Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Get Your Desired Beverages From Coffee Vending Machines

An automated coffee machine is where people can get their favorite hot beverages at regular intervals, even if they have to buy these drinks. It in reality is a great means of revitalizing oneself. People can just walk down to the office coffee vending machine , get their desired cup of hot drink and enjoy it with their colleagues. It saves time and you get a cup of tea or coffee to remove the cobwebs in the brain just when you need it most. Doubtless it adds to everyone's productivity. The automated coffee machines were previously used only in cafes. Jura has introduced many new model types that suit any venue, home, shop, business or gathering place where coffee is served.
The options available for the kind of drinks for your office employees depend on the size and model of the automated coffee machine . Whether the beverages are served free of cost or against coupons or have to be purchased in cash is your decision or a matter of management policy. For a tantalizing coffee experience there are office coffee machines from which the staff and guests can always get their favorite cups of coffee, cappuccino, espresso, latte, hot chocolate, even tea — all at the press of a button. And, they don't need to spend an arm and a leg for it as they would have had to over the counter at the coffee bar.
It is helpful if the model is the kind where you can actually also override the programs that you have programmed using the control dial. This function can prove very helpful whenever you would like a cup of espresso coffee which is different from your regular flavour. This will let one modify the sort of coffee or espresso that you choose and like without altering your pre-programmed type of coffee brewing. Always choose coffee machines that are designed to get the best out of each blend and roast. After all to brew a cup of premium coffee you need to have a quality coffee machine.

Maintain Hygiene While Slaking Your Thirst

You have to be terribly thirsty to realize that one is willing to drink almost anything to slake one's thirst - without worrying about health concerns. The best solution is to set up a hygienic drink vending machine . There are all kinds of vending machines – some will vend only snacks, some only various kinds of beverages, some will dispense snacks and different kinds of drinks. The catch is to ensure that they are cleaned and sanitized regularly for optimum performance. So, whether you need it for your office, boutique, showroom, restaurant, shop or intend to utilize it as a side business to generate extra income; make sure that the model you opt for is commensurate with the user profile in terms of quantity dispensed and product range.
Healthy is beginning to rival traditional vending in terms of preference, convenience and popularity. Therefore, when you decide on the product mix for your beverage vending machines keep in mind growing health consciousness. Along with the usual range of coffees and water, remember to stock different kinds of teas, branded health drinks like Bovril and Bournvita, energy drinks and flavored, low fat milk. The most current machines have sophisticated computer chips and mechanisms for ascertaining money validity, pricing, vend mechanics, sales tracking and offer ease of restocking.
Remember, customers often think with their eyes. It makes sense that your drinks vending machines should be glass fronted to enable your prospective consumers an opportunity to see and then decide what they really want to have - simply sparkling water, still water, fruit juice, smoothies or one of the branded fizzy cold drinks. Even if you only stock soda in the vending machine you should offer several different flavors. Many people enjoy diet soda so make sure you offer that as well.
Some vending companies are bringing high technology to their machines and employing soft-drop and conveyor technology that allows them to vend such things as fruit and glass bottles, therefore being more health and environmentally conscious. After all the sheer success of any vending machine, regardless of what it vends, is because it saves people time while feeding and watering them.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Enjoy A Revitalising Cup Of Coffee Everyday

To begin a bright, sunny day with coffee is to experience true joy. But to enjoy the best taste, aroma and flavour of coffee it is essential that freshly grounded beans have been used. When you invest in espresso coffee machines you assure yourself freshly brewed espresso coffee every day. Espresso is a strong, heady and highly flavoured coffee, which gives an additional strong kick and provides the coffee lover extra energy for the day. Buying coffee from a café is not the best way to get a cup of coffee especially for an espresso because during the morning time the café is almost full and you have to wait in a line to get a cup of espresso.
To deliver the perfect cup of coffee for you and your customers to enjoy the coffee beans should be expertly roasted and ground to ensure consistency of quality and carefully packed to guarantee freshness. You can try Kenco which offers a range of beans to suit most tastes. In fact, the Kenco roast and ground range has been developed using 100% Arabica beans. Espresso coffee is produced by forcing a ram through a ground coffee and hot water mixture. A cappuccino coffee machine has a separate steam arm, which means the milk needs to be frothed separately. However, some systems have integral milk foamers, enabling the machines to produce cappuccino, latte and other milk based drinks which make them perfect for the office environment.
One of the more popular bean to cup coffee machines that has proved very successful in the office environment is the Korinto bean to cup coffee machine. It produces a range of espresso based coffee drinks including cappuccino, latte, espresso, Americano as well as chocolate and a mocha. There are such a vast number of models available in the market place you will want to properly compare the different makes prior to finalizing your purchase. Always select a machine that is simple to use and a breeze to clean up. If it has extra features, then you can look forward to getting barista quality coffee regularly.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Say Bye-Bye To The Cold Burr With Hot Beverages

Hot drink vending machines are a hit wherever they are installed. While it is true that there can be few more pleasing prospects in winter than a steaming cup of coffee or tea or a hot bowl of soup; one should remember that most people drink hot beverages round the year. Unlike popular perception, hot brewing machines do not cater to seasonal demands only. You want to offer a very good selection of items with this type of machine. The Kenco In-Cup system offers an extensive range of high quality branded drinks. These range from great tasting Kenco and Maxwell House coffees to Knorr soups, Suchard chocolate and PG Tips tea. Whatever kind of coffee you enjoy - rich and powerful, dark and strong, smooth and mellow - you get it right here.
In addition to coffee and hot chocolate you may want to offer hot tea, espresso, latte and cappuccino as well. Make sure you are offering both regular coffee and decaffeinated though, to meet the preference of those that approach your vending machine. Most people feel that if you cannot get an excellent cup of coffee in the morning, you can officially declare it as a bad day because the start of the day was not good. Coffee is important to us whether you work in an office / run your own business or a home or simply belong to the leisured class.
When you opt for a  coffee vending machine , you also need to make sure that items such as quality cups and lids, sugar, creamer and stir sticks are also readily available. There are some vending machines out there for hot drinks that feature buttons to get those additions from it. This is more convenient than having to supply them separately. You also don't have to worry about people that didn't even make a purchase from your vending machine walking off with them. If it is a bean to cup machine then the coffee should be expertly roasted and ground to ensure consistency of quality and carefully packed to guarantee freshness.

Kenco’s Coffee Brewing Machine Boosts Employee Satisfaction Level

Make coffee vending machines part of any renovation you are planning for your office and watch the results. They are ideal for office use and of course the wonderful aroma of the coffee perks up the minds of the staff adding dynamism to the start of the day. With coffee being the most preferred beverage after water, it is a wonderful way of saying you care to your clientele, regulars and employees. And, you can be certain that coffee will be available round the clock, especially when guests come calling. Your budget, space constraints and daily consumption levels will influence which would be the most appropriate model of coffee vending machine for your coffee brewing services.
Whether friends are just chilling out or a business meeting is on, coffee is an essential component. Since there are few places in the world where coffee is not served, there will be coffee lovers who will appreciate a cup of coffee. With a Kenco coffee machine you are assured of superb coffee at the touch of a button. It is a super intelligent, computerized brewer that takes all the measuring, programming, and work out of getting each individual beverage perfect every time in about 60 seconds! No mess to clean up and all the choices that you would have at your local coffee shop.
If you are looking for the deep effervescence, rugged taste and instant kick of a dark strong roast, then you would want a bean to cup machine. Most models come equipped with a coffee press and steamer to prepare milk for Cappuccino. With a machine that can brew coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, even hot chocolate and tea you are in clover. It works great at home or the office because everyone can have the beverage of their choice one perfect cup at a time at the press of a button. What you really need to ensure is that the quality of the ingredients which go into the coffee vending machine is top class – otherwise all the smart technology is going to fall flat.