Saturday, January 21, 2012

Leasing Coffee Machines Gives You the Best of Both Worlds

Everyone wants to strengthen profits as well as save money where possible. For someone in the vending business starting out with coffee vending machines for sale or by leasing coffee machines is actually a sound way of saving money. Just because they have been put up for sale does not automatically imply that the coffee vending machines in question are less than functional or have antiquated features. There could be so many reasons why someone puts out coffee vending machines for sale .

Some of the major reasons why people put up coffee vending machines for sale are because they are going out of the vending business or want to change location but transporting them is too expensive. Of course, they might actually be desirous of buying newer machines with state of the art features and don't want to leave the older machines idle. The last mentioned reason could also lead some of them to offer leasing coffee machines . That way they retain the ownership of the coffee machines without losing on earning.

You actually have the best of both worlds when you opt for leasing coffee machines . You can get models that incorporate the latest features or at least the features that you cannot do without, but you don't need to put down hefty sums of money to purchase them. Given that credit lines with banks and other depository institutions are precious and hard to establish, leasing coffee machines preserves credit lines and benefits you. Leasing coffee machines increases purchasing power and allows you to finance the needed equipment for the job. That way you get the coffee vending machines you need to meet demand and promote growth.

However, to be on the safe side when buying coffee vending machines for sale you should ask a lot of questions, demand pictures, or actually be able to try out the machine to see that it works. That way you won't have to be spending a fortune on repairs, even cosmetic ones, since few things are as off putting than getting a cup of coffee from a ramshackle coffee vending machine which functions below par.

Make the Most of Coffee Vending Machine

An excellent way to conserve working capital is to lease coffee machines . After all when you opt for leasing, you automatically protect yourself from fluctuations which occur in the market. Once you have negotiated the monthly payments up front and secure a fixed rate for the life of the lease, you don't need to look back. Go ahead and look for coffee machines to lease . It will make it easier for you to project cash flow and plan budgets.

There are two ways to look at coffee vending machine hire . The most obvious is when you need coffee machines to lease for your office or organization. It could be that you have need for more machines than you can afford to buy immediately. Hence opting for coffee vending machine hire would save the day by enabling you to cash in on opportunity without putting you into monetary embarrassments. To add icing to the cake you gain certain tax advantages on leasing coffee machines . Whether you lease or hire coffee machines, you would normally do so to serve a business purpose.

The less obvious aspect of coffee vending machine hire is when you are left stranded with more coffee machines than you have viable locations for. Instead of letting your machines depreciate while lying idle, you can still earn from them by offering coffee machines to lease. Sometimes it happens that a store or other commercial outlet where a coffee vending machine is located shuts down for whatever reason. Then, the owner of the coffee vending machine , who may be quite different from the store owner, is left with a fully functional and potentially earning coffee vending machine but no suitable outlet.

There are two options available to the owner. Either s/he can look for an alternate location or else offer it for coffee vending machine hire . The third option of leaving it idle is not even worth considering. Best of all, you don't have to be chained to an outmoded coffee machine when you can get the latest models of coffee machines to lease . Just go ahead and take advantage of the state of the art features without hurting your pocket.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Get Deliciously Fresh Coffee with Coffee Machine Rental

Do you yearn for fresh coffee when you are in the office or are out getting various jobs completed? Well fresh coffee can be got from the bean to cup coffee machines. In office coffee machine rental is a good option if you want to economize in these challenging times. When you look for coffee machines for hire , you have the best of both worlds. Barista quality coffee fresh from the beans at a reasonable price seems too good to be true. But it is possible with coffee machine rental and you don't need to offer the coffee for free.

The best people to query about coffee machines for hire are the manufacturers and the authorized dealers. Most of them keep track of where their machines have gone. Sometimes people do buy more coffee machines than they have use for simply to get a better price. These are people who would gladly offer their coffee machines for hire . For you it means saving on initial outlay; for them it means that they keep earning on idle machines. Remember, those who offer coffee machine rental are actually recovering the cost of the machine and after a period of time earning interest on that initial expenditure.

It is critical to take a hard look at the condition of a coffee machine before renting it. Also check to see who is responsible for repairs and maintenance and what your liability is in case of damage or burnout (which could have been caused by voltage fluctuation.) Unless you are wary of the terms of the coffee machine rental , you might end up paying more on maintenance or even damages than you would have paid for a new machine.

The kind of coffee machines for hire that you choose would be dependent on where you are placing it and how many people need to be serviced. Table top machines are great for meeting rooms but in a large office environment, a free standing machine is probably best. The coffee machines of today offer larger cups of coffee than the older models with better thermal and brewing systems. When you look for coffee machine rental , it should translate into offering your personnel/customers a better cup of coffee for their money.

Use Caution when You Hire Coffee Machines

You are looking out for a coffee machine to rent for a single time use or for extended use, but don't know where to source it. Also, you don't want to be ripped off. So, before you hire coffee machines you need to tread on eggshells. You need to be certain that it is in good working condition. While it is true that no one can really predict how long any coffee machine is going to last; you definitely don't want to hire coffee machines that are on their last legs!

One major reason you could be looking for a coffee machine to rent is that your budget is tight. Even so, you don't need to be fobbed off with a model that saw better days about a decade ago. Remember, coffee machines come in different styles, sizes, colors and even functionality. Suppose you are hosting an event where you expect a constant stream of guests who would need to be fed and served hot drinks at regular intervals. A model like the Kenco Impresso Maxi would be ideal for such a situation.

The Maxi can dispense drink sizes from 4oz up to 10oz paper/crockery cups, plus mugs, pots and 3 pint jugs. It also has tailor made drink settings for up to 10 product selections including hot water making it an ideal coffee machine to rent . One of the benefits of hiring coffee machines is that you can change the model to suit you specific need without being stuck with it till Kingdom Come.

If your usual offtake of coffee is low and you don't need to offer gourmet varieties on a regular basis, it makes sense to hire coffee machines like the Minicup Flex. These in cup hot drinks coffee machine systems are easy to use, quick to dispense and require very little maintenance. They offer a great range of drinks including Kenco Rich Roast, Kenco Smooth Roast, PG tips, Knorr Soups and Suchard Hot Chocolate. Also, remember to check the warranty and insurance cover of the coffee machine to rent that you might settle for.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Office Coffee Machines Can also Allow Customization

Times have changed and so have office coffee machines . Keeping in mind that people are fussy about their coffee, these days there are office coffee machines which take money, allow for customized selections (such as cream, sugar and special flavors), dispense a paper or Styrofoam cup, and pour the liquid into the cup. The increasing sophistication of the office coffee machines has ensured that they allow for different cup and corresponding volume sizes, varying levels of cream and sugar.

The traditional office coffee machines consisted of a table top unit, push button to select the drink and a simple coin mechanism to enable money to be collected. The format still remains the same but the technology has improved and the taste of the drinks is far superior. Life has been made easier for employers and managers by the fact that these do not need to be bought outright. The availability of coffee machines for lease lowers costs, improves cash flow and lends a great deal of flexibility to the organization that takes them on a lease.

Modern and expensive office coffee machines can offer fresh brew coffee and leaf tea options and serve fabulously tasty drinks. However the complicated brew process means that cleaning and maintenance is more involved and your service engineer will need to call more often. When you negotiate coffee machines for lease, you need to get it clarified as to who is going to be responsible for their maintenance. Since no security deposits or up-front money is required, leasing provides 100% financing. Taking coffee machines on lease is a hedge against inflation. Since your payments apply to the use of the equipment you do not pay for ownership on equipment that consistently depreciates.

Be careful about inspecting the coffee machines for lease to check that they are the latest model and are fully functional. To avoid operational glitches it is best to deal with reputed companies like Kenco which are known to offer dedicated and excellent service. Choose from stylish and sleek range of office coffee machines which will serve you the finest coffee.

Look Deeper into that Coffee Machine Rental

Coffee vending machines are so convenient! They give you a cup of the brew that reams have been written about when you need it most. All said and done a cup of coffee is simply an infusion of hot water and coffee grounds or instant coffee powder to which you might want to add sugar and milk in varying proportions. That infusion might vary in strength, while the means of getting it could also vary. Yet coffee vending machines seem to have a mystique attached to them.

Part of the mystique is created by the fact that there are so many kinds of coffee vending machines. Some coffee vending machines will use instant ingredients which results in the concoction looking like liquid mud if there has been any tampering of the proportions. On the other hand, there are coffee vending machines which are veritable robotic baristas and will give you the kind of specialty coffee drinks that you spend mini fortunes on at coffee houses.

It is not always practicable to buy outright such machines. In such a case coffee machines rental saves the day. Social events like weddings, large parties, receptions and functions where a large number of people need to be constantly served cups of coffee, and maybe even other hot drinks, you can make your life easier by coffee machine rental .

Even if you already possess a coffee vending machine that can serve around 50 cups of coffee in a day and your organization is hosting a conference to which delegates will be coming from all over the country or even from different parts of the globe. In such a situation your existing coffee machine may not be able to cope with the demands, particularly if more varieties of specialty coffee are required than it is programmed to dispense. This is where you should be opting for coffee machine rental to prevent your budget from hitting the roof.

Just discuss with you coffee machine supplier as to which model would be the most appropriate for your needs and ask whether s/he can facilitate coffee machine rental . Study the terms of rental carefully, particularly those which relate to damage.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Coffee Machines Leasing Works Best when Diversifying

You might want to diversify into vending coffee to augment your income and have already decided on the most suitable location for your purpose. So what you really need are coffee machines. Instead of buying them off the bat you could consider a coffee machine lease . This is because coffee machines leasing offers you several benefits. The chiefest of these is that you are not stuck with one or several coffee machines which may not generate the kind of business you had imagined they would.

More importantly, the demands of each location are different. Your coffee machines may have been placed at the airport, at a departmental store, a beauty parlor or car showroom. How much coffee needs to be dispensed in a day would depend on the location for the traffic would vary accordingly. If you have taken a coffee machine lease for a machine that is going to be placed in a hospital, you definitely don't need a high end machine which will dispense 20 specialty coffees! Nor will you need coffee machines leasing for machines that can serve 700 cups a day if they are going to be placed in a beauty parlor or a car showroom.

The horses for courses principle works just as strongly when you are leasing coffee machines as in other business decisions. You should match the machine to the projected offtake as well as location. Locations where traffic moves fast and people are just grabbing a cup of tea or coffee on the way to a meeting or other work, it would not make sense to be offering complicated choices. Just make sure that the coffee machine lease you are looking at is for a machine which will dispense more than coffee.

A coffee machine lease for a hospital should be for the kind of model which will dispense hot soups, health drinks, hot chocolate and milk among other things like coffee and tea. On the other hand, leasing coffee machines that offer numerous specialty coffee drinks and can take a heavy load makes perfect sense when they are going to be placed in hotel reception rooms, restaurants and other eateries.

The Positive Aspect of the Office Coffee Vending Machine

Nowadays almost every office has some kind of office coffee machine in recognition of the fact that personnel feel pampered when they can have coffee at all odd hours. In fact, office coffee vending machines have made the office boy who went around with the coffee tray redundant. Employers have recognized that it actually saves them a lot of money in the long run. Some have even made the office coffee machine a revenue earner given how people seem to constantly need tea and coffee while working.

Office coffee vending machines that specifically use genuine coffee beans in order to provide hot steaming cups on demand have been a great hit with most employees. The positive aspect of these office coffee vending machines is that you can get high quality cappuccino of the kind you find in coffee shops. After all h aving to leave the office to chase down a cup of coffee can be frustrating rather than relaxing or inspiring. Coffee preparation has become a gourmet art and coffee drinking has evolved to proportions beyond return. The best way to keep up with the coffee-house competition — or create your own — is to invest in an office coffee machine and create your own caffeine confections.

Bean enthusiasts who can't get enough caffeine and enjoy the deep effervescence, rugged taste and instant kick of a dark strong roast can appreciate an office coffee machine . Most models come equipped with a coffee press and steamer to prepare milk for cappuccino. Office coffee vending machines , especially the automatic machines, have a self cleaning function that may or may not require the push of a button. All said and done it is a simple procedure, much less painless than having to make a new pot of coffee each and every time it is killed or goes cold.

Of the various kinds of office coffee machines in the market, the Tassimo machine can brew coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, even hot chocolate and tea. The office coffee vending machines these days are super intelligent, computerized brewers that take all the measuring, programming, and work out of getting each individual beverage perfect every time.

Ensure Optimum Performance from Your Vending Machines UK

Everyone wants to earn large profits from whichever trade or business they are in, including those who have vending machines in UK . To earn those huge profits you have to ensure that they perform optimally. Whether your vending machines UK stock only snacks or are those combi models which feed and water the customers, the two things you have to be careful about are that the products you dispense are well stocked, and also that the machines are kept clean and sanitized.

Combi vending machines like the Narco-Dixie can/bottle vendor an ideal solution for sites with very limited space for vending machines UK as they can vend crisps, bars, cans and bottles from the same machine. The BevMax Combination vending machine comes in two versions — a 40 selection model and a slim line model offering 24 selections. Both models feature vend sensors to guarantee product delivery every time. The Rondo vending machines offer a very flexible layout offering a wide range of drinks, snacks and confectionary including chocolate. They boast of double glazed doors for safety and efficiency.

Many manufacturers of vending machines UK double as vending suppliers in London . They will not only offer you a wide variety of models to choose from; where necessary they will advise you on which model is the most suitable for you. Remember, you should keep in mind your budget and space constraints as much as how many people you expect to have to service on a daily basis. Vending suppliers in London will want to know whether you want the products dispensed against cash or want to offer options on use of credit cards. Ability to handle currency occasionally can become a vexatious issue with certain kinds of vending machines.

You must remember to discuss and finalize arrangements with regard to the replenishment of products of the vending machines UK . Ask the vending suppliers in London with whom you negotiate whether they are capable of carrying out repair and maintenance work on a regular basis. Just set a routine for the restocking of your vending machines UK and keep track of what finishes how fast.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Coffee Machines London Vary in Style and Sophistication

Jura coffee machines are the most stylish and elegant coffee machines in the market. It is true that coffee machines London vary in style and sophistication. However, Jura coffee machines are so easy to operate that it becomes a pleasure to serve guests and customers specialty coffees. Maintenance is rarely an issue with Jura coffee machines since most models have an automatic self-cleaning cycle. This is critical since lattes and cappuccinos need milk. If even traces of the milk remain and somebody who is allergic to milk is dispensed black coffee or an espresso shot from it, it can become a potential life risk.

You can get all kinds of coffees from coffee machines London . These could range from Americano, i.e. espresso with added hot water, to other drinks such as Espresso Doppio (double espresso) or Babycino (coffee-free cappuccino, often with a shot of flavored syrup). With a little creativity, you could hope to rival the offerings of some of finest cafes in town. The coffee machines London nowadays offer larger cups of coffee than the older models. There are also better thermal and brewing systems in these coin-operated vending machines, which translates into offering your customers a better cup of coffee for their money. One of the biggest reasons coffee is so popular is that when people drink a cup, they are doing more than quenching a thirst. A traditional cappuccino requires an espresso shot of coffee in the bottom third of the cup, a third of the cup of hot milk, then followed by the remaining third of froth and topped off with shaved chocolate. The Jura coffee machines do it all for you once you have keyed in your instructions. After you have programmed the Jura coffee machine all you have to do is drink that fragrant cup of coffee.

The Jura XS 90 will give you 12 specialty coffees, while the Jura X9 will dispense as many as twenty different kinds of coffee! If specialty coffee is what you need to serve - and that too quickly - you know that Jura coffee machines are what you are looking for.

How Healthy are Your Drinks Vending Machine’s Products?

Most people have at some time or the other slaked their thirst from a drinks vending machine . Have you ever paused to wonder or enquire about the health quotient of the products being dispensed from the drinks vending machine? While many people are aware, if somewhat negligent, about the health threats posed by the popular brands of fizzy drinks; there are some things few people know. Some of the drinks have hydrogenated vegetable oils (HVO) - fats derived from vegetables which often have high cholesterol similar to saturated fats.

These could be even in the milk used in chocolate, tea and coffee. Quite often the ingredients used in a Jura coffee machine have been prepared with health issues in focus. Skimmed milk is used for the different kinds of milk based drinks that any Jura coffee machine is capable of dispensing. To top off the coffee experience, it is important what you are drinking out of. Paper cups with sip lids are good because they keep the drink warm. These paper cups are recyclable meaning that they can be broken down and re-used so that they don't just add to the ever increasing landfill sites.

A Jura coffee machine is a commercial bean to cup machine which captures the fragrance of freshly ground coffee beans in the various kinds of specialty coffees dispensed by it. In fact, it would be quite accurate to call your Jura coffee machine a robotic barista since it has such a simple push button technology. Program your machine with easy to follow instructions and pour in the fresh roasted coffee beans. The Jura coffee machine will do the rest: grinding, tamping and dispensing at the touch of button. All that's left is for you to drink your steaming hot beverage - espresso, lattes, Americanos, mochas - straight from the bean within a minute.

The best thing about any Jura coffee machine is that you get excellent coffee in the comfort of your home or office without having to stir outside, particularly in inclement weather when you want coffee the most.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Find Out About Different Machines When You Rent a Coffee Machine

When you think about it hire of coffee machines is one of the best commercial propositions whether you are starting up a new vending business, diversifying your business, offering coffee as an add-on or need them for running an office. This is because it is always cheaper to rent a coffee machine rather than purchase one outright. Some brands of coffee machines like the multi function automatic ones can be pretty pricey. When you rent a coffee machine you pay a fraction of the price on a monthly basis and you are not stuck with a model which does not suit you.

Hire of coffee machines has become more popular because manufacturers come out with upgraded models every now and again. Some manufacturers also offer options on gradually purchasing it when you rent a coffee machine . It is best to look at the various options available for hire of coffee machines . The amount of space you can spare will help determine whether you want a table top model or whether you can afford to rent a coffee machine that is free standing. An automatic pod coffee machine is an excellent option, as it presents automatic dispensing of used pod in thrash box as well as add-ons like a leak sensor.

Remember, that in the long run you might want to look at options of investing in a coffee machine rather than hiring it every time. This is because hire of coffee machines is more profitable only in the short term if you are using it for commercial purposes. Of course, if you like to experiment with different models, then it is better for you to rent a coffee machine . To become successful in the coffee machine industry, you have to frequently inspect the health of these units. Getting the machine serviced and its broken parts replaced will help you strengthen the profits.

When you rent a coffee machine , ask whether the actual owner of the coffee machine is going to take care of maintenance issues. Before you take a final decision on hire of coffee machines find out whether the models on offer can handle all kinds of currency.