Saturday, April 2, 2011

Take a Close Look at That Enticing Offer

Sometimes vending machine suppliers offer some pretty enticing offers on vending machines . If a vending machine supplier offers you a price which is lower that what the manufacturer is offering, you should ask yourself some questions. Since the vending machine suppliers are in the business to earn a profit and not indulge in philanthropy, how can they afford to offer a lower price on their vending machine?

Occasionally the answer is fairly simple. It is quite likely that the vending machine suppliers acquired a number of vending machines at a wholesale price. Then the vending machine suppliers can well afford to quote a lower than usual retail price by passing on some of the benefit to you the customer. Since manufacturers prefer to supply in bulk, they will offer vending machines at prices that seem a steal when the order is for a wholesale purchase. However, for single units of vending machines manufacturers don't find it worth their while to discounts on the standard retail price.

There can be another, more disturbing, reason for vending machine suppliers offering lower prices for a vending machine . Just check that what you are being offered is an authentic piece and not a replica. If it is a replica, the danger is that the warranty being offered may not be worth the paper it is printed on! Equally worrisome would be if the vending machine supplier is not a certified provider or authorized dealer of the vending machine . In such a case, it would prove difficult if not impossible to enforce warranty clauses if some issues crop up during the running of the vending machine.

Once you have reassured yourself on these issues, you should look for hidden costs. Is the offer price the amount you have to pay? Or are there fine print terms like local taxes extra, installation/commissioning costs extra? Sometimes handling and packaging costs are not built into the price. Unless you are being offered a hefty discount you might find yourself paying more for your vending machine than the standard retail price courtesy hidden costs.

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