Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jura C9 is Your One Stop Hot Drink Solution

When coffee gratification is top of mind then the Jura C9 is the best go to resource for you. In fact, the Jura C9 coffee machine will do much more than give you a delicious cup of coffee when you need it the most. Packing plenty of features that make it one of the most user friendly of the Jura line, the Jura C9 is a super automatic coffee machine. Wait! This is not a commercial or industrial grade coffee machine.

The Jura C9 coffee machine is meant for gentle use. Home, front office, furniture showroom - any place where you won't need to brew more than 20 cups of hot drinks at a go - will be the best place for the Jura C9 . Both the water tank and the coffee bean hopper have a capacity of only 20 cups. After that, you need to refill both. The built in coffee grinder of the Jura C9 automatically grinds up to 16 grams for double shots and mugs.

Make cappuccinos, cafe lattes, flat whites, long blacks, espressos and hot chocolates at a single touch of a button and carry away all the applause. In fact, you can get your cappuccino in 55 seconds from the Jura C9 coffee machine ! For the health conscious there is a pre-ground coffee option for decaf coffee. If all you need is hot water for soaking the leaf tea or soup cube, then it will give you that too. Make sure that your milk always stays cool in the Jura C9 with the Cool Control from Jura which is able to cool milk to 25 degrees below the ambient temperature. The Jura Cool Control is non-wearing and CFC-free using the Peltier cooling effect.

The patented brewing cycle of Jura Capresso machines present in the Jura C9 coffee machine moistens and sets the best conditions for coffee brewing before proceeding to the thorough extraction. It offers a slew of programming features to tailor your beverages to your preference and taste. Choose between two temperature settings, three strength levels and coffee volume and this compact machine gives you the drink the way you prefer to have it.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cappuccino Coffee Machine or Kenco Singles: The Choice Is Yours

It is your call as whether the Kenco Singles are a more appropriate choice for your needs or whether you really should opt for a cappuccino coffee machine . It all depends on what you need for your hot drinks solutions. For most domestic and mild official and commercial purposes the Kenco Singles machine is actually an ideal solution. The Kenco Singles machine is a stylish and reliable tabletop system which offers a great choice of freshly filtered hot drinks. It is very easy to maintain and tremendously reliable, making it perfect for offices, meeting rooms and reception areas.

There is just that touch of magic in the ability of the Kenco Singles to deliver great tasting, high quality drinks, time and time again. Every drink is freshly prepared and filtered in its special capsule. Each capsule has its own special filter system and contains just the right amount of coffee, tea or hot chocolate which is foil sealed for freshness. The intelligent capsule then tells the system to make sure that the temperature is just perfect for the freshly brewed taste in every drink. Add to that the Kenco Singles brewer machine can be plumbed or set up as manual fill allowing it to be situated almost anywhere.

For a busy café or restaurant a cappuccino coffee machine is the preferred choice. Cappuccino is made with espresso coffee and frothed hot milk. Some people top it with cinnamon or powdered chocolate to make it tastier. However, the taste of a cappuccino also depends largely on the cappuccino coffee machine and therefore it is very important to pick the right machine for the machines differ in style, size, technology and design. The newer machines make several types of drinks such as normal coffee brew, cappuccino and espresso.

Often there are features in some of the newer and pricier models of cappuccino coffee machines which may not be absolutely vital to brewing a cup of coffee, but which certainly aid you in experimenting with different tastes and ingredients to make coffee making and drinking an exciting proposition.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is Actually an Angel in Disguise

Most coffee lovers will agree that Jura coffee machines in general and the bean to cup coffee machine in particular are boons for any harassed housewife. Why just home makers? Jura coffee machines have gone a longer way to refining coffee tastes than any barista. Elegance and technical sophistication are givens with all Jura coffee machines . The best part is that the company is never willing to rest on its laurels and is always on the lookout for adding features and convenience for the users of their machines, including the bean to cup coffee machines .

When you consider the kinds of insane prices you have to pay at the coffee specialty shops for their delectable drinks, the prices of Jura coffee machines don't seem excessive. Consider that they are going more than recover their cost over the years in the number of drinks served, the convenience of brewing and the host of compliments you can expect to receive from family and guests. Most Jura coffee machines have one touch technology guiding them. All you need to do is make your selection and push buttons to get some of the most fragrant and delicious drinks.

Many might be willing to make do using instant coffee powders and other instant ingredients to brew different kinds of hot drinks like mochas and lattes since the machines which use instant products are less costly. While it is true that the price of a bean to cup coffee machine can be on the higher side, those who are unwilling to compromise on taste and quality find it well worth it. When you realize that coffee drinkers spend more than $100 billion each year just to get their hands on a cup every day, the investment seems well worth it.

The bean to cup coffee machine can seem an angel in disguise to those who love their cup of coffee brewed fresh from freshly ground beans. Usually the bean to cup coffee machine will be able to give you more than just coffee. Target the kind of coffee drinker that you want to sell to, and then simply to get out the message about what makes your coffee different from the rest.

An Office Coffee Machine is a Perennial Favorite

The most popular place in an office is around the office coffee machine even more than around the office vending machine . This is because coffee is probably the most popular hot drink around the world. There are no fixed times as to when you can or cannot drink coffee; just the availability needs to be assured. This is best assured by the office coffee machine for employees and guests alike. Both an office coffee machine and office vending machine help eliminate the mess and expense of running a kitchen.

An office coffee machine that specifically uses genuine coffee beans in order to provide hot steaming cups on demand is always a great hit with most employees. You can offer a wide range of coffees from espressos and Americanos to cappuccinos and lattes. It encourages staff interaction and generates satisfaction among the employees. There are models of office coffee machines which also give options to serve tea, hot chocolate and soups. You should ask your supplier about what kinds of models are on offer.

Modern automated office vending machines are a great boon for people coming very early to the office in the morning or having to wait late by providing them a great choice of beverages and snacks. Candies and chocolates, biscuits and chips, nuts and pretzels are only some of the most popular snacks. However, you can try and work into your office vending machine some meals that can be easily cooked with a microwave or are simply heat and eat.

If you are looking out for a bigger office vending machine that vends beverages and snacks then it definitely requires huge starting cost. You can lower down your cost by buying a quality based second hand machine instead. Other costs include maintenance tools, security locks, and extension cords. Many people believe that after they have placed such a kind of machine, they will never be having control over the cost. However, you always have the option of choosing a model which has options of dispensing after payment which could be in cash or tokens (which have been paid for already) or even credit cards.