Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kick Off Your Business with Vending Machine Rental

Someone looking to earn some extra cash without giving up his/her regular job or business can always do so by investing in a simple vending business. The best part is that the initial start up costs can be kept low with vending machine rental . The companies that provide vending machine rental frequently keep the statistics such as the popularity of the items at a specific location which would be beneficial for a newbie. There are many multinational companies like soft drink companies which will actually offer you vending machine rental to enable you to dispense their products.

Ask your vending machine suppliers what kinds of terms are needed for vending machine rental . You certainly need to get it clarified who is going to be responsible for its maintenance. You do need to check while negotiating the vending machine rental certain things like whether the machine accepts dollars apart from coins. Any machine can develop snags so an annual maintenance contract for the vending machine is critical even when it has been taken on rental. Probably such machines need them even more since these are not new machines and you don't know how gently or harshly they have been used.

If you have more vending machines than locations you could offer them on lease to offices. There are many offices which prefer vending machine rental to outright purchase to provide their personnel snacks and drinks. The office saves time which can be put to more productive activity since people don't have to leave the office premises for refreshments. You should consult with vending machine suppliers on the best solution to your changing needs.

The design should accommodate your specific needs. In a very busy office the high capacity 10-drum Easy5000 is the answer. This versatile merchandiser is designed to offer a wide range of fresh foods, snacks and drinks allowing you to choose items such as fruit, pasties, prepared salad bowls, yogurt, smoothies, fruit juice and confectionery products. Your vending machine supplier will probably also inform you of the tax benefits of vending machine rental .

No Question of Compromising on Taste with the Coffee Machine London

The very early models of coffee machines used to dispense coffee of indifferent quality making many swear off them. Over the years the coffee machine London has evolved in many ways making coffee drinking a celebration. You often get a choice between instant coffee and freshly ground and brewed coffee. With coffee machines dispensing the beverage of your choice anytime anywhere whenever you feel like it, you don't have to despair at the thought of having to spend a small fortune every month to get the specialty coffee of your preference.

For great tasting coffees roasted and ground to perfection you don't have to search far. Coffee roasting has different degrees depending on the desired taste of coffee - it can be roasted light to produce a lighter taste with no obvious roast flavor or it can be roasted dark to feel that smoky-sweet and intense coffee flavor. If you like to grind your own it is available in presentations, beans and ground. Stay away from the dark roasts, as these coffees are the least healthy. A good rule of thumb is that the darker the coffee is, the less healthy it will be. This is because the longer the coffee is roasted, the more of the antioxidants and minerals are stripped away, and eventually all that is left is the caffeine.

While the idea of having freshly-ground beans every morning is certainly tempting, there are several things that you should know about the bean to cup coffee machines before you set out to buy one. The fully automated bean to cup coffee machines will grind, tamp, brew and filter the coffee for you at the touch of a push button - in just one minute! Several small appliance makers manufacture a line of these machines, including Jura-Capresso, Saeco, Krups, Cuisinart, Bosch, DeLonghi and Gaggia.

When you want to source a coffee machine London , ensure that you deal with an authorized stockist or ideally with the manufacturers themselves. That will ascertain that you are getting original equipment with proper warranty and guarantee.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Get the Best out of Each Blend with Coffee Machines UK

The best time to buy coffee machines UK is post-festive season. That is when many outlets offer very low prices for a number of items. After the festive season purchases are over and done with, many people look for household necessaries. Nowadays, coffee machines have come to be regarded as necessaries since they guarantee barista quality coffee every time without fuss. In many offices coffee vending machines are considered indispensable. So, take a hard look at what your options are if you need to buy or rent or lease coffee machines in UK .

The best part is that nowadays many coffee vending machines have such a simple push button technology that you only need as much technical knowledge as you would to push a door bell. The upmarket models offer you options on customization. These include the Tassimo Professional and the Jura ranges of coffee machines in UK . Not only do they have adjustable spouts but many also have a one stop operation so that you don't need to move your cup to get lattes or cappuccinos.

When the height of the dispensing spout is adjustable it works both ways. For those who are using the coffee machines at home, they can drink their coffee out of odd sized mugs and cups too. On the other hand, if the coffee vending machines are in the office and it is being dispensed free, you might want to adjust the height to accommodate a smaller cup and control costs. Remember, disposable coffee cups are among essential accessories like frother, stirrers and sugar sachets. Bigger cups means more costs for both reasons – initial price and quantum of coffee being dispensed.

Some coffee vending machines use instant coffee and while it isn't as tasty as fresh coffee, these machines can produce cappuccinos, mochas and more and they are cheaper to buy than the bean to cup options. You need to take into consideration the total number of cups of coffee and other hot drinks that you might need to serve throughout the day. That will help you decide on the size of the coffee machines UK as well as the kind; i.e. whether you need to serve only coffee or tea, soup and chocolate too.

Impress Your Guests by Serving Specialty Coffee from the Jura XS90

Take the hard work out of making various kinds of specialty coffee with the Jura XS90 . The sheer fragrance of coffee brewed from fresh ground beans is something else again. When you add to that the fact that you can switch seamlessly from hot water to steam production instantaneously in the Jura XS90 coffee machine , you know how easy it will become for you to serve a unique mocha recipe for dessert. It has two separate integrated heating systems to facilitate the switch.

Cappuccinos and lattes need that professional frother to get it right. The powder dispenser of the Jura XS90 holds a second, pre-ground coffee blend to give you even more possibilities. Theoretically the Jura XS90 coffee machine will give you only seven specialty coffees. However, you can play around with recipes and additives to get even more varieties. Some common tricks of the trade include lacing the espresso shot with whiskey or brandy and topping with cream dotted with chocolate flakes on a cold day. You could also add swirls of hot chocolate sauce to the cappuccino or flavor the latte with some kind of syrup.

Since the height of the coffee dispenser of the Jura XS90 is infinitely adjustable you can place glasses and cups of all shapes and sizes to suit the mood and need of the moment. Remember someone who desires a small shot of espresso to go with liqueur after dinner should be served the coffee in a dainty cup. On the other hand, the Americano should be typically served in a large mug. The Jura XS90 coffee machine ensures that the process of making a top-quality cup of coffee starts with the grinding of the fresh coffee beans. For that its precision grinder has six different settings.

Before you finalize the deal to buy the Jura XS90 coffee machine you should realize that it is a prima donna meant for gentle use. The Jura XS90 should never be used in settings where the daily demand is likely to exceed 50 cups on the busiest day.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Enhance the Quality of Life with Koro Coffee Machines

Discovering Koro coffee can be a real joy. For aesthetic pleasure and excellent technical value Koro coffee machines are matchless. Its design has given it soft and modern lines, while the size has been defined keeping space constraints in mind since the delivery area is only 24 cm high. The Koro coffee machines are extraordinarily compact and reliable because the highest quality components, which are normally used in dispensers that support much heavier workloads, have been used to build them.

Koro coffee machines are available in the following models: Espresso, Instant and Fresh Brew Koro Expresso. They offer as many as eight selections including a decaf version for espressos. You can also use the hot water option to brew green tea or make some energy drink like Bournvita or Bovril. This makes Koro coffee machines ideal for environments such as offices, meeting rooms, stores, professional studios, small cafés and restaurants. They come with optional base cabinets - empty or equipped with waste container, cups, stirrers.

Koro coffee uses advanced 16-bit electronic control with 4 Mb memory space making it extremely flexible and can be managed in many different ways. Serving up to 60 fresh bean to cup drinks per hour this professional coffee machine will put an early morning smile on guests and a source of vital stimulation for office workers needing inspiration to face the day. Koro coffee is after all a gourmet bean to cup coffee machine. Getting hold of Koro coffee machines is like having a mini coffee bar at the push of a button.

The options on the menu card make Koro coffee seem like you have wandered into some café. The list includes espresso, cafe macchiato, decaffeinated coffee, café lungo, cappuccino, café latte, Americano, tea and hot water. To top it all the Koro coffee machines are good to planet earth. While energy consumption is reduced up to 13%, its waste products are biodegradable. You should use the built-in mains switch to shut off the mains power supply completely if the machine is going to be idle for quite a while, such as when you are leaving the home for office.

Flexible Merchandizing is the Trick with Vending Machine Success

Everyone knows that investing in vending machines is a surefire means of succeeding in business. People need to be away from the home for long hours. For such people vending machines ensure that they don't have to stay hungry or thirsty. Vending machines which have flexible merchandising are highly capable of vending a wide variety of popular snacks and beverages. This quality makes such dispensers refreshment centers. However, before you invest in them take a call whether you want to cater to a niche market or to a wide cross-section of customers.

The kinds of products to be dispensed by your vending machines will be dictated by the kind of customers who are likely to frequent them as well as the location. Over the years the kinds of products being dispensed by vending machines have changed significantly. There is greater legislative control over what you may or may not dispense. For example, in many places like hospitals and educational institutions you are not allowed to dispense cigarettes. Yet in a transport depot where many bus or truck drivers congregate cigarettes would find major offtake. Also there is increasing prohibition on the sale of fast foods and carbonated soft drinks in schools.

If you are looking for vending machines for sale to add to your existing line or because you are new to the trade, then make sure that the model you are looking at is not too complex. Not only should the vending machines be simple to operate, they should also be safe for the users. Most of the customers are likely to be children or else others who are in a tearing hurry. Check out some popular vending machines of different niches or products and shortlist some product lines you may have high interest to deal with.

Just check whether the vending machines for sale have some kind of cover in terms of warranty or return policy. Ask questions about what the coverage entails and the length of time for which the warranty will be honored. Buying vending machines for sale means money saved which can be put to other gainful use.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Add Elegance to Your Set Up with the Jura X9

If you are looking for a star in the self service arena then the Jura X9 is the one for you. To begin with the Jura X9 coffee machine has such elegant looks that it automatically adds a touch of class to the surroundings. This technical marvel from the Swiss company Jura has such innovations to look out for on this model like the ability to make a cappuccino with milk and froth at the touch of a button without moving the cup.

The reception room of a high profile company, a beauty parlor, the lobby of a hotel – just about any place where the daily requirement is less than 100 cups on the busiest day – is a perfect place to set up the Jura X9 . It will offer you a selection of over 20 different kinds of coffee. The clearly defined product keys and digital display dialog system make the Jura X9 coffee machine exceptionally user friendly.

You can get your coffee in your favorite mug too since the coffee dispenser is height-adjustable. Add to that maintenance is easy since it has an integrated rinsing, cleaning, and decalcifying programs. The Jura X9 has two separate heating systems for instant steam and coffee with separate hot water and steam nozzle. So next time you want a perfect cappuccino or a latte the Jura X9 coffee machine merely needs to have the instructions keyed in with your specific requirements and this super automatic machine serves it to you in a minute!

The slim, sleek, and modern-looking Jura X9 looks wonderful also on your kitchen table top or counter. If you often have friends dropping in without warning, what better way to entertain them with than barista quality specialty coffee? If you bring some creativity and a willingness to experiment with tastes and looks to the brewing of your specialty drinks then your family and friends will look for excuses to visit you often. For a sociable person that is an excellent reason to invest in the Jura X9 coffee machine .

Vending Coffee Machines Can Make a Big Difference in the Office

A simple way of adding an extra spark to the performance of the personnel of your office is having vending coffee machines in the office. That is because a cup of tea or coffee at the psychological moment can make a huge difference to people. When one is busy and under a lot of pressure – be it deadlines or brainstorming for creative work – the best thing to do is have some kind of refreshment. In fact, catching a quick bite from the vending machine serves the purpose just as well and recharges you.

When people are actually able to experience coffee house quality coffees, hot chocolate and more at their desks at a fraction of the cost, then their sense of personal value increases proportionately. These days vending coffee machines are super intelligent, computerized brewers that take all the measuring, programming, and work out of getting each individual beverage perfect every time. Everyone saves money and time by not having to stand in line at the coffee shop and they are only step away from brewing a fresh cup throughout the day.

Fear of losing control over costs prevents many people from keeping a vending machine in the office. There is no reason why the employees should not pay for their refreshments, unless you are including them in the perks of position. You should ask the vending machine supplier what are the payment options available in the model. Whether you are buying or renting the vending machine , you should check to see whether the model only accepts coins or has an in-built capability to return change for notes. Many of the latest models accept tokens and credit cards too.

The amount of space taken up by vending coffee machines or even a combination vending machine can be a very serious concern for people who are running an office. When you eliminate the idea of having cluttered and messy kitchen or lunchroom area, you get a cleaner office and that space is freed up anyway. When it comes to vending machines , be it soda, snack, or coffee, customers want freshness. Keep checking the manufacturing and expiry dates of products stocked in them.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Make Your Staff Feel Appreciated with Coffee Machine Hire

Yes, quality coffee machines can be quite pricey. Yet, you can have fragrant freshly brewed coffee whenever you want it by opting for coffee machine hire . The best kind of coffee machine for a restaurant or large office would be an industrial coffee machine . Just as coffee machines come in all kinds of price ranges and models, their ability to take rough use varies. The normal coffee machine meant for domestic use is a delicate thing and should be used gently. A prime example would be the Korinto coffee machine which offers exceptional drink quality for eight kinds of specialty coffees.

On the other hand, an industrial coffee machine would be something like the Zion which can dispense as many as 700 cups per day. With two coffee bean containers to allow the use of different coffees, it can give you 21 high quality specialty coffee and chocolate drinks. Another prime industrial coffee machine is the Kenco K Bar 18 which has a 1200 cup capacity. The K Bar is a fully automatic floor standing industrial coffee machine with 16 different hot or hot and chilled drink options and an internal sugar dispenser. The K Bar bean to cup offers the full Kenco incup drinks as well as larger cups of cappuccino, mocha, latte, café au lait and Americano, all made from freshly ground whole beans.

A cup of coffee has been shown to raise alertness and improve the ability to focus on tasks. This has obvious productivity benefits for an employer. Some smart employers cash in on coffee machine hire since it permits them to work out combinations and permutations of the quantum and variety of coffee that can be on offer. It also makes sense to look at what your personnel would really want to drink when choosing a model for coffee machine hire .

Increasing health consciousness has meant that people want to curtail or limit their daily caffeine intake. So they might want options like green teas and soups or even hot chocolates rather than specialty coffee only. Therefore, just make sure that the model you have chosen for coffee machine hire dispenses more than just coffee to make your staff feel appreciated.

Chilled Options from Snacks and Drink Vending Machines

Slaking one's thirst is a very basic need and few things serve the purpose better than a drink vending machine . Of course, there are some models of snack vending machines which will dispense chilled drinks along with something for you to snack off. For example, the Snakky Max snacks vending machines offer a very flexible layout which can be configured to your requirements incorporating cans, bottles as well as snacks and confectionary items, including chocolate. Since many of the popular brands of cold drinks come in both cans and bottles, this is a handy feature.

When people are looking for a quick bite to eat, they also appreciate getting something to wash it down with. The Rondo snack vending machines offer a very flexible layout offering a wide range of drinks, snacks and confectionary. Its large capacity of up to 40 selections and vend detector system ensures customer satisfaction every time. Some machines have dried fruits that don't go bad due to the way that they are packaged and prepared. This is certainly an option for someone who wants to eat healthy but has limited opportunities to eat during the day.

In some parts of the United States , new types of snack vending machines have been tested out that serve real fruit and healthier options. Some healthy snack options for you to explore are granola bars or animal crackers while trail mixes that include raisins can also be a good option if you need a sweet snack. And, you don't need to put health on the shelf while slaking your thirst since it is easy enough to opt for delicious and refreshing healthy drink options from the drink vending machine . Some such options are orange, apple, pineapple and mango fruit juices, together with exotic tropical, citrus and forest fruits based drinks.

With a fine drink vending machine, you are able to vend a wide variety of beverages to your customers. It gets you started in one of the hottest business opportunities around. Apart from vending soft drinks and juices, you can also offer candy, chips, popcorn, nuts, crackers, cookies, bottle water, sports drinks, energy drinks and much more.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Make Your Hot Drinks Business Lucrative with a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Today's customer is fussy and will not be satisfied with getting a steaming cup of coffee. People want that the aroma of the coffee should waft into their nostrils as soon as it has been brewed. A bean to cup coffee machine helps you meet that challenge as no other coffee machine. If added to that a customer can define how much sugar or cream is going to be added, then s/he will begin to haunt your place. Most models of the bean to cup coffee machine will grind the beans to the degree of coarseness or fineness you desire.

Remember, drinking coffee is more than getting a refreshing brew when someone wants to be energized. If you are looking for a cappuccino coffee machine , then it's critical that you choose a model in which you have full control over the shot because it allows you to make different strengths and sizes of cappuccinos. If you make sure that you choose a semi-automatic cappuccino coffee machine , then you'll be fine. Latte and cappuccino build upon the espresso methodology. While milk is an optional ingredient for coffee drinkers, it is by definition an essential ingredient for both of these beverages.

Invest in a proper bean to cup coffee machine to start and you will receive great returns over a long period of time. The biggest advantage being that such a machine will brew regular coffee in addition to the specialty ones. Poor quality units will often dispense variable amounts of lightener and sweetener, in addition to producing a very bitter brew. You need to assure yourself that the bean to cup coffee machine has been manufactured with high quality materials. This will go a long way to guaranteeing convenience and efficiency in the brewing process and a very pleasant coffee experience.

The time between the grinding of the bean and the coffee being poured is a matter of seconds and this is the sole reason for the growing popularity of bean to cup coffee machines . So, whether you need to brew the coffee for yourself, your family, employees or guests or customers, get the perfect cup with a cappuccino coffee machine .

Keeping the Coffee Brewing Process Simple with Jura Coffee Machines

Smart electronics make all Jura coffee machines so easy to operate. The Jura C9 is no exception. If what you are really looking for is a cappuccino in less than a minute, then the Jura C9 will serve it to you in 55 seconds flat. It has a built in coffee grinder which automatically grinds up to 16 grams for double shots and mugs. So, making cappuccinos, cafe lattes, flat whites, long blacks or espressos is never a big deal.

Once you have the Jura C9 in your home, you can afford to have friends and other guests dropping in to share a cup of coffee without getting thrown into a tizzy. When you are groggy in the morning and need a strong cup of coffee to awaken you properly, your best friend is the Jura C9 since all you need to do is press a button. The Jura C9 is engineered with the same design and style of its siblings in the Impressa series. It looks very modern with nicely designed edges and accents and its piano black finish adding a touch of class and elegance despite being a bit boxy in form.

The Jura C9 is a super automatic coffee machine that packs in plenty of features to gratify your coffee needs. Jura coffee machines have this about them that they nicely blend in with other kitchen appliance. In addition, you don't even have to touch the cup again once placed below the brewer. The machine will take care of everything from grinding, tamping, brewing, steaming, frothing and self-cleaning with just a single touch. The knob on the frother allows you to change consistency of the froth and choose between foamy or with less foam.

The Jura coffee machines have grinders with an integrated burr grinding technology which can evenly grind coffee beans to specific settings. This means that you could be looking at options of as many as six different kinds of grinding consistencies. Consider the features and the built in filters in the machine so you can determine just how good the coffee will be which the machine can make.