Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Variety of Coffees at the Touch of a Button

Are you looking for a classic cup of coffee like a ristretto or a café crème or even an espresso? You don't need to think longingly of the good old days when you went down to your favorite café and they knew just what you wanted. Jura coffee machines provide you with all the options you desire. Even if one day you want a chic cappuccino and the next day a latte and the day after that an Americano, you simply need to push a button and each day you get a different kind of coffee with Jura coffee machines.

On the other hand, a cappuccino coffee machine will give an option of having a hot chocolate instead of coffee if that is what you want. There are several kinds of cappuccino coffee machines . The single canister type will allow you to brew only a black coffee or a hot chocolate. For adding milk to get lattes, cappuccinos or ordinary white coffees, there need to be at least two canisters. The ones which have up to four canisters will offer an option of as many as eight different kinds of drinks, including decaffeinated coffee. All these models use instant products which only need to add boiling water to be ready to serve. In situations where large volumes of hot drinks need to be dispensed over a small period of time, such a model provides yeoman service.

Some models of a cappuccino coffee machine will allow you to use pre-ground and/or fresh ground coffee beans and fresh milk, which is stored in a refrigerated container attached to the machine. Others will use a combination of instant products and ground coffee beans. Ideally all these models should be connected to the drinking water mains. The smaller models can be tank fed, but then one needs to be wary of allowing the water to finish before refilling.

Whether you use Jura coffee machines or cappuccino coffee machines , they will know how to satisfy even the most sophisticated coffee request from customers, guests and employees with total simplicity.

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