Saturday, April 2, 2011

Save Time and Energy with Your Tassimo Professional Coffee Machine

You are definitely in clover if you own or use a Tassimo Professional to service the hot drink needs of your home or office or shop. This is because the Tassimo Professional coffee machine has the ability to save your energy consumption and time while giving you and yours exactly the kind of hot drink that is needed.

The Tassimo Professional is built to go into eco mode when it is not in use. This energy saving mode will cause it to automatically switch off at 6.00 p.m. and switch on again at 8.00 a.m. This way it sends your machine to sleep when it is not needed. Less than 15% of its energy requirement when in use is used when it is in eco mode. However you can always change the settings to adjust to your needs.

It takes a bare ten minutes to serve the first cup when you start it with a full tank of cold water, but after that it takes only five seconds to serve the next cup and between every cup. This does imply that you want the same kind of drink. Certain operations require you to clean the Tassimo Professional coffee machine as when you are serving black coffee to someone who has milk allergy and the previous drink served may have left traces of milk in the brewing section of the machine.

The average brew time is 63 seconds and it will serve 12 drinks before refilling if it is on manual refill mode. However, if you connect your Tassimo Professional to the mains you will not need to refill unless there is no water supply from the drinking water mains. The Tassimo Professional coffee machine itself will tell you to refill if the water supply is running low. That way you never run out of water while brewing a cup.

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