Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You Have a Winning Combination with a Commercial Coffee Machine

Commercial coffee machines can be seen in action far more often than you realize. Seen those sleek tabletop coffee machines? Chances are that at least one of them is a commercial coffee machine. For example, the table top Kenco Singles Brewer is a perfect hot drinks solution for businesses who want a quality drink, with minimal cleaning required. Commercial machines have more powerful heaters, larger water tanks and deliver higher pressure and constant, regulated pressure one can rely on compared to machines meant for domestic use. They are designed to make the perfect cup of coffee, yet are truly rugged. Some of the main features to look for in this superb machine include a push button indicator light and semi automatic operation.

The fully removable water tank is powered by an electro-pump which boasts of a separate control switch and electro-valve. It has a hot water tap and a flexible steam jet enabling you to brew specialty coffees. The automatic boiler water level control ensures you never run out of water while brewing. The Sienna is one of the top of the line table top office coffee machines. It provides an array of drinks selections including Kenco white coffee, black coffee, cappuccino, latte, mocha and Suchard hot chocolate. Operated using a single button and an easy to ready display, the Kenco branding ensures your staff and customers are getting a quality drink.  

Some of the better known floor standing office coffee machines are the Style 5, Refresh 1400, Kenco K Bar 18 etc. The K Bar is a fully automatic floor standing vending machine with 16 different hot or hot and chilled drink options and an internal sugar dispenser. It can vend a wide range of high quality in-cup drinks and has a 1200 cup capacity. The full range of payment options available, e.g., free vend, coins, token and cashless, make it ideal in the kind of setting where you have a high daily demand. Add to that, it is extremely simple and easy to operate.

On the other hand, the Style 5 combines the very latest technology with the well proven and accepted ‘traditional’ semi-automatic machine format. It has a well earned reputation for reliability and is very easy to use and maintain. It has a capacity of up to 500 incup drinks and 5 selections, with a full change giving coin mechanism.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Ask Why We Choose to Align Ourselves Exclusively with Kenco

There are many local businesses which choose to align themselves with Kenco. We are among them. Given that they have the most complete range of hot drinks ingredient solutions in the industry and tremendous experience and understanding of the market place, consequently we believe that there really isn’t a brand to rival them. Add to that, you can always expect to find the latest range of vending machines when you deal with them. With their help we are ensuring that traditional vending machines are being replaced, giving workers healthier choices.

The new touch screen solution for vending machines is proving to be both users friendly and popular by enhancing the user experience. The Astro vending machine supports cashless and mobile payment acceptance. This is changing the workplace cafeteria since you can dispense a great range of products including coffee, cold drinks, snacks and water. Kenco prides itself on ensuring your business is best equipped to deal with the demands of the day to day working environment. They achieve this by providing the latest equipment and quality ingredients for your machines, in addition to technical support for all your equipment.

The merchant snacks vending machines can vend both snacks and cold drinks. There is the advantage that they have a full change giving coin mechanism. The Snakky vending machines are stylish and have a contemporary design. Its vend detector system ensures trouble free dispensing. The Rondo snacks vending machine is a large capacity machine. The ergonomic delivery bin makes for easier collection of vended items. Best of all, we don’t need to worry about filling and cleaning the vending machines since that is taken care of by Kenco. Attention to detail and quality is combined with the best equipment in the market.

When you install one of the latest combo vending machines, your business is far less likely to lose significant work time to constant coffee breaks and trips down to the drug store or local eatery. Over the years we have been delighted with the consistently high quality that they have delivered as they use only the best quality Arabica beans in their products. If you need to stock snacks, you’re never short of choice. From Cadburys Dairy Milk, Nestle Kit Kat and Mars Galaxy to flap jacks, chocolate shortbread and healthier options including Nutri Grain Bars, these machines have a great selection of snacks.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Make the Task of Preparing Specialties Ultra Easy

When you get a Jura bean to cup coffee machine you are ensuring that you don’t need to hang out in coffee shops again. We at Kenco offer you numerous models of Jura coffee machines because we understand that Jura is synonymous with style, elegance and cutting edge technology. Some of the models on offer are the Jura Impressa X9, Jura Impressa XS90, Jura GIGA X5, Jura GIGA X7 etc. These dazzling new designs are complete with an array of new intelligent gizmos. Footprint is the least of your problems since it is one the slimmest one touch automatic specialty coffee machines. This makes it perfectly suited to small homes and discerning homemakers.

It will cost more than machines that make coffee from ready ground beans, but you will notice the difference, especially when that delicious smell infuses your kitchen every morning. Just consider the capabilities of the equipment. Jura serves latte macchiato and cappuccino at the touch of a button. Clearly arranged buttons make the task of preparing specialties ultra easy. The whole process can be fascinating to watch and the brew is something special. As for the froth delivered it is fantastic: creamy, no spluttering and aesthetically beautiful. On the other hand, if you are using your Jura coffee machine at a commercial outlet, then the flavor and tantalizing aroma of fresh coffee will be something that your customers will find irresistible. 

Whether you opt for a Jura Giga X9 or a Jura Giga X7, its stylistic-feature-packed design, has integrated rinse, clean and decalcification programmers. It is destined to pave the way for a new generation of office coffee machines bringing an easy and versatile coffee solution to your workplace. Its fast heating ensures hot coffee from the first cup. The former can dispense up to 180 cups daily, while the latter dispenses up to 150 cups daily. The feather-light consistency helps keep spirits up during cold snaps and soothes work-frazzled nerves. 

More and more businesses are learning about top quality machines and the company behind them. Kenco is a company that is committed to environmentally sustainable coffee that tastes great and is easy to produce. The results can be far reaching. The coffee vending machines of today offer larger cups of coffee than the older models. The improved thermal and brewing systems in these coin-operated vending machines translate into a better cup of coffee for your customers’ money.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Achieve a Cost Effective Solution

The pressures of modern life have ensured that people have come to depend on snacking to fill their stomach while at work, at study or even while commuting. So, if you invest in a snacks vending machines you are assured of continuous business for you are addressing a very basic need. When you are looking to stock your machine keep faith on the brand names. The branded companies always have their reputations at stake and this makes them supply the best products and services for you. Before jumping into a vending machine contract, make a note of whether or not the company is a member of Automatic Vending Association (A.V.A.)
If you prefer to install a drink vending machine instead, then the Crane drinks vending machines is one of your best choices. This is because Dixie Narco, which is a leading manufacturer of cold drink vending machines and builds machines for Pepsi, Coca-Cola and other bottlers on a global basis, is now owned by Crane National Vendors. There were basically 3 generations of the Dixie Narco 501 machines produced prior to the current 501E model. The 501R S11, the newest of the three, shares the same electronic and refrigeration systems found in the 501E, (E standing for extended, a deeper cabinet specially designed to vend the 20oz plastic bottles). Replacement parts are readily available at reasonable prices for both new and used drinks vendors.

This machine is also able to vend 16oz plastic water bottles by Poland Springs, Deer Park, Ice Mountain, Arrowhead, Ozark, and Zephyr Hills, as these brands by Nestle Waters had a specially designed 16oz plastic bottle for the earlier models. These bottles are loaded two deep in each column. You have an option of loading it in five narrow columns with a capacity of 48 cans or 28 16oz plastic bottles designed for vending or in three wide columns with capacity of 87 cans. You can offer 8 selections of different cold drinks. The payment options include a Mars VN2000 bill acceptor and a Mars TRC6000 coin changer making it easier for your customers.       


Monday, July 1, 2013

A Wide Range of Vending Machines

People depend on vending machines for quick service when it comes to catching almost anything from snacks, cold drinks, candy, hot beverages, cigarettes, newspapers, small toys, camera rolls, mobile recharges and so on. The food and beverages dispensers sell candy bars, potato chips, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, soups, cans of soda, water, coffee, etc. You can find these kinds of machines almost everywhere, from the schools to the offices, to the airports, to the hospitals. Electronic dispensers are mostly installed in crowded places like the malls, airports or some specialized stores where they sell items like mobile phones, cameras, MP3 players, etc. Luxury dispensers sell items like perfume, designer gowns, jewelry, etc. and can be found only in exclusive places. 

Your vending machine supplier will tell you that there are different types of vending machines, ranging from small coin-operated machines to large soda and snack machines to non-food product machines, which accept credit cards as payment. You should always check with the distributor to ensure that you are going to be provided with maintenance as well as replacement parts for the machine(s) that you will be buying. Enticing facilities and a reliable food supply are part and parcel of effective workplace design. So, you might want a combination vendor unit, which can simultaneously stock snacks and drinks in one convenient and spatially-economic machine. Virtually every demographic of drink buyer can find their satisfaction, thanks to technology which allows the use of bottles, cans or cartons.
The person selling these machines will give you all the details you need on getting all the right kinds of supplies to get your business going in the right direction. Keep in mind that a vending machine that’s quick and easy to use has more chance of getting repeat customers than those that are difficult to use. If you are new to the vending business or think buying a new machine outright is a dicey proposition, then you can think in terms of vending machine hire. You have to be wary of which company you choose because not all machines are high-quality.