Sunday, June 23, 2013

Slaking Other People’s Thirst Can Be Profitable

Slaking one’s thirst is a common enough human need. When you set up a cold drinks vending machines in London, you do more than ensure a constant flow of cash into your till. During a stressful day people want to be refreshed with cold drinks. If you are looking to offer great tasting soft drinks, you need not overlook healthier options, ranging from flavored Drench Water to Fruit Shoot and H2O, amongst others. Whether your cold drink vending machine is required for businesses, councils, leisure centers or schools, you must stock it with products which are appropriate for the location. In all this, you must not forget to offer water — both still and sparkling — since that is the most sought after cold drink.

The biggest advantage of investing in a cold drink vending machine is that this is one of the few industries which does face any major seasonal shifts. The vending industry is one of the most rapidly expanding business markets and the world’s largest all-cash business — the cold drink vending business even more so. Some ideal locations are hotels, motels, bed-and-breakfasts, elementary, middle, high schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, military bases, fairs parks, and other attractions. In the early days of the soft drinks vending machines, they were peppered with only sodas and the products of the soft drink giants like Coca Cola, Pepsi and Britvic. 

Nowadays vendors are looking at other options too to be able to cater to changing tastes. They are not afraid of experimenting with new launches, especially if these are healthy options like cold green teas. This is why fruit juices and smoothies are being increasingly offered from these machines. Some of the soda bottling companies provides the soft drink vending machine for free. Of course, these are meant for exclusive use of their products in the machine. When you buy directly from the company, you will receive a commission from the sale of their products. You should take advantage of the sales which are offered from the different wholesalers to earn a higher profit margin on the various soft drinks you stock.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Coffee Does Not Have To Be Expensive To Taste Great

You can use the Giga X7 coffee makers in a variety of settings. You might be running a bistro, a cafĂ©, the office reception counter or even a coffee lounge — you can expect to serve barista quality coffee every time. Its steam lance will froth milk in a matter of seconds enabling you to prepare the full range of specialty coffees at the touch of a button. The built-in sensor continuously monitors the milk temperature and triggers an automatic switch-off when the optimum temperature is reached. So if you need hot milk followed by hot steam to make a latte macchiato, the machine automatically dispenses it into the strategically placed glass. The cappuccino frothier even features an adjustable air intake, controlled by a geared stepper motor.

Roasted beans are carefully ground in two high-performance grinders to extract the maximum aroma and brew the most fragrant coffees for you. The Giga X7 professional coffee vending machines boasts of grinders made from a virtually wear-free technical ceramic guarantee quick, precise, even and consistent grinding. Just keep in mind you cannot manually adjust the consistency of the grounds during the grinding process. It is taken care of by the machine itself. The integrated aroma+ coffee grinder and pre-brew aroma system (P.B.A.S.) will extract maximum flavor and aroma from your favorite coffee beans producing a thick golden cream every time. 

What’s more all this is backed by Jura’s guarantee of the performance of the Giga professional range for 25 months or 45,000 preparations as standard. This coffee machine boasts of flexible operation which allows you to adjust the coffee to suit personal preference without changing programmed settings. The dual fluid systems allow the Giga X7 to make two black or milk coffees at the same time. You don’t have to be restricted to only coffee varieties with this machine. If you want tea, there is instant hot water for it. On the other hand, if you want hot chocolate, hot milk for is also available. So, with this machine at hand you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for a cup of specialty coffee anymore.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Deal with the Demands of the Day To Day Working Environment

There might be thousands of machines but not all of them can perform the same task or achieve the same great taste. The industrial coffee makers of UK differ in style, size, technology and design. You can request for price quotes from the vendors and suppliers. Look for machines that are fully automatic and are latest versions as these will be good for your office and/or restaurant. Compare the price costs and features of each industrial coffee machine. You must look for additional features in the machines such as time display, cup warming surface and adjustable cup sizes. While not absolutely necessary, these extra features can contribute greatly towards making your coffee drinking experience that much more exciting.  

Take some time to learn more about the machine before you finalize the model. You should ensure that you read reviews on the machine from people who have bought it. The most important feature that you should consider when shopping for commercial makers is the size of the machine you need for your business. Industrial machines are made to conserve and only make as much coffee as is needed at one time, many of them brew just one cup at a time. They save time because they have all of the coffee and water is often available right on the coffee pot, eliminating the need to measure water and grounds.

For example, if you are buying a commercial coffee machine for a lounge or break room, simply keeping an eye on the amount of coffee employees are drinking each day is sufficient to get an estimate of the size you will need. Of the commercial coffee makers in UK, the Style 5 combines the very latest technology with the well proven and accepted ‘traditional’ semi-automatic machine format. It has a well earned reputation for reliability and is very easy to use and maintain. With five selections and a staggering capacity of serving 500 in-cup drinks, it is perfect for places where there are numerous customers who need to be served through the day and night such as a hotel foyer or a large corporate office.

Friday, June 14, 2013

An Extensive Range of the Latest Coffee Machines

You want your coffee machine to give you the same quality of hot drinks every time and every day. So, consistency is what wins the day. This is especially true of specialty drinks like cappuccino and latte. The quality of the cappuccino will depend on the quality of the machine. When you source a cappuccino coffee machine in London make sure that you deal with a manufacturer or authorized dealer who can provide you with a solution to your requirements and timescales. You should be able to choose from an extensive range of the latest coffee machines. For example, the Kenco singles hot drinks produce a vast range of coffees from light roast through to dark roast, including Columbian and Carte Noire Espresso. All these coffees are roast and ground, produced from fresh beans.

The advantage of using pre-ground coffee is that you don’t need to pass up on drinks like espresso, cappuccino and mocha even if your coffee machine is not a beans-to-cup model. If you have coffee machines using soluble ingredients it does not mean that the drink produced has to be of a poor quality, quite the opposite in fact. If you use the Kenco range of soluble coffees you can produce a high quality drink, be it black or white or even a specialty drink such as a cappuccino. There are those who will swear that if you really love coffee you should play around with roasting, grinding, and brewing different types of coffee. Each type of bean will bring a whole new flavor into play. 

Remember, the primary difference between a basic espresso coffee machine and a cappuccino coffee machine of UK is that the latter will also have an integral milk foamer, enabling it to produce cappuccino, latte and other milk based drinks which makes it perfect for the office environment. Ideally, your machine should be a combination type which will use instant products as well as using coffee beans, which can either be pre-ground or ground on demand. All in all, your cappuccino coffee machine should be able to give you more than just cappuccino so that you can cater to different tastes from the same machine.