Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Match Your Machine to the Ambience

When you are scouting for an office coffee machine you don't really need to look at models which are the Cadillacs of the vending world. Shop around and you will find many manufacturers who can offer you a stunning variety. Some will be the latest models with sophisticated computer chips and mechanisms for ascertaining money validity, pricing, vend mechanics, sales tracking and ease of restocking. There will be others which are of a simpler design and easier on your pocket. Typically, the office coffee machine does not need to be very complicated or offer 30 coffee specialties.

As long as you and your employees, visitors and customers can get a fragrant cup of steaming hot coffee, you don't really need to look for one which will even draw swirls or fancy patterns in the glass or cup. In fact, if you are just starting up or feeling the impact of the global economic crisis, then you can try out used coffee machines . You must understand that the quality of the drinks and the actual machine can differ greatly. Small things can make a big difference. The funds you save from investing i n used coffee machines can be re-channelized to add to some feature which puts your business on the fast track. Whatever people might say about the fancy models, most employees just want their cup of Joe without fuss and feathers to ensure that they don't wilt while working.

Size matters even in the office and you should try and get a model that can fit in snugly in some corner. If yours is a large corporate office which needs to operate 24x7, then you definitely need one of the floor standing models which can comfortably serve up to 700 cups or more daily. One option would be the Refresh 1400 coffee vending machine with its enormous capacity of up to 1280 incup drinks and up to 15 selections. This is a fully automatic drinks machine that offers a wide range of teas, coffees, chocolate, soups and fruit drinks. Despite having a very large capacity the Refresh 1400 occupies only 0.4 square meters of floor space.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Be Mindful of Tastes and Personal Quirks

Most people have strongly marked preferences with regard to the kind of drink they like to have at specific times of the day. Tea and coffee are the common hot beverages fancied by people when they wake up in the morning. With some it takes the form of a ritual. Children are usually given milk and many adolescents prefer fruit juices. However, it becomes almost a matter of prestige for people to take only branded soft drinks from a drink vending machine . You need to take a hard look at seasonal trends as well as market opportunities when taking decisions about what to stock your drink vending machine with.
Just as location will dictate which products are the most appropriate; you should not allow new marketing opportunities to pass you by. A company which is just starting up, but has a fine range of drinks which are different from the usual run of the mill products, should be cultivated. You would have a good bargaining position if yours is an established business or outlet. On the other hand, if you are just starting up you are likelier to get more favorable terms from another startup company than you can expect from one of the market leaders. It is your job to constantly test which products and locations work while discarding the ones that don't.
In the office, restaurant or café the industrial coffee machine rules the roost as it is built to handle high volumes at a time without sputtering to a stop. It gives you aromatic coffee, hot chocolate and different kinds of hot drinks when you need it most. It is easy to acquire these coffee machines and full descriptions and customer reviews are freely available to assist you in making the best choice at the best possible price. Shipping services makes it possible to get what you want from anywhere in the world. When you have freshly roasted coffee beans and grind them, there is simply nothing else like the flavor that you will get from the beans. The taste of fresh ground coffee is second to none and that is what the industrial coffee machine guarantees you.

Get Over the Hump When Starting Out

There are probably as many kinds of vending machines as there are needs that need to be catered to. Yes, vending machines don't just give you bottled beverages or hot drinks and snacks when you need them most. You can get things like the daily newspaper of your preference, your mobile recharged, cigarettes, certain over the counter drugs, small toys, camera rolls and an entire slew of products like umbrellas, beer, eggs, flowers, shoes, batteries, etc. Vending machines in London have come a long way from the days when you could expect only things like gumballs, potato chips and chocolates from them.
Technology has moved apace with demand and made vending machines more user friendly. You can expect them to give you even payment options and the latest on the block are using biometric technology to enable better payment options. One of things many customers of traditional vending machines hate is digging for exact change and having to do without because you only have a credit card. Instead these new biometric machines allow customers to tie their credit card to a thumbprint. So that way, if someone forgets their wallet, doesn't have cash, or is in a hurry, all they have to do is place their thumb on the pad to match the print to the credit card on file that is tied to that person's biometric data.
So, vendors who are just starting out or are desirous of expanding the number of machines they own and setting them up at new locations, then trying to get vending machines for sale is one excellent way to get over the hump. Start your vending business opportunity with a small budget, then you can initiate low-leveled risks. Once you have started making any profits, then you can start making investments. Consider the operating expenses that you have to cover until you start earning profit. Lower your cost by buying a quality based second hand machine. Other costs include maintenance tools, security locks and extension cords. Remember to check the make that is on offer so that you don't get stuck with an out-of-date model with very limited functionality or which requires extensive maintenance or repairs.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Ensure Hassle Free Refreshments at all Hours

The simplest way to get snacks and drinks while you are on the move is to head for the nearest vending machine. Yet there are few things more vexing than to find that the snack or drink you have opted for is out of stock. Even more vexing is when you pay in notes but the machine refuses to give you back the change you are entitled to. On the other hand, if you are the vendor whose machine is being so temperamental, then you risk losing valuable customers who won't be willing to come back to your machine.
Even if you have taken the vending machine on rental, you have to be wary about ensuring that stocks don't run out or that functional glitches are avoided as far as possible. Discuss restocking and maintenance terms with the company you are renting the machine from before signing on the dotted line. Rental is becoming more common now since facilities and office managers have to strike a difficult balance between providing adequate refreshment facilities and break areas for staff and customers, whilst keeping an eye on a shrinking budget, corporate social responsibility and ecological issues. By utilizing the skills and experience of specialist vending companies to provide bespoke vending machines, office managers can make sure of a hassle-free refreshment provision.
The best people to asking for rental options are the vending machine suppliers . They would know which model will be the most appropriate for your needs. Most suppliers will discuss your needs and put a package together that matches what you require — don't accept anything less if you want to save money. Remember to ask for energy saving features. Don't jump for the first offer you get. Ask many suppliers and negotiate for the best terms possible, including discounts on add-on features and services. If you are looking for suppliers online, then start a conversation on issues like delivery terms, backup services and warranties. Remember to ask other people in the vending business about their suppliers.

Perking Up Spirits with an Aromatic Cup of Coffee

Gone are the days when only the shepherds on the slopes of Caffa Ethiopia knew about the warming, energizing and wakeful properties of coffee. Now, it is one of the most popular beverages in the world. There are many who swear that they wouldn't be able to awaken properly in the morning or get functional without an aromatic cup of coffee. Life has been made so much simpler for coffee aficionados with the invention of the cappuccino coffee machine . What could be more delightful than to be able to get various kinds of specialty coffees in the comfort of your own home?
The taste of a cappuccino also depends largely on the machine and therefore it is very important to pick the right machine for your home or office. Use the internet and visit the websites of various manufacturers or vendors who specialize in selling Tassimo and Jura coffee machines etc., to get information on various types of cappuccino coffee machines available with them. You have the option of using instant products or fresh ones when you operate the cappuccino coffee machine. The four canister machines can produce up to eight different drinks, namely, black and white coffee, cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate and decaffeinated coffee. Just check whether the model is a standalone kind, i.e. tank fed, or needs to be plumbed to the water mains.
A coffee machine in London can come in a range of shapes and sizes from small table top machines suitable for small numbers of people to large capacity bean to cup coffee machines or floor-standing coffee vending machines that will cope with hundreds of members of staff. There are few areas of consumer usage where technology has evolved with such amazing results. You can customize your drink by adjusting the strength or the sugar and milk to get a steaming cup of coffee which tastes exactly as you like to have it. Coffee machines like the Tassimo Professional have taken the coffee drinking experience to a totally different level.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Even if Space is at a Premium There is no Need to Go Hungry or Thirsty

There are many models for vending machines including slimline ones for offices or other outlets where space is at a premium. Whether you want to dispense snacks or different kinds of beverages or both for your staff, customers, guests or other visitors, be sure to get the kind of can vending machine which answers to your needs and budget. Remember, these days you get not just various kinds of soft drinks, but also fruit smoothies, fruit chunks, salted dry fruits and cookies in cans. The packaging helps in a longer shelf life — which is nothing to be sniffed at, particularly in the vending business.
You can plan to stock up with popular branded confectionery, snack and savory products as well as healthy nutritional items and offer ethical choices such as Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance branded items. The BevMax Combination vending machine retains the glass front display window so popular on the original BevMax and vends snack and confectionery items apart from bottles and cans. On the other hand, if you want to offer only coffee and other hot beverages, look at options available on bean to cup coffee machines .
The Jura coffee machines are the Rolls of bean to cup coffee machines. They are known for their push button operations, integrated cleaning, smart electronics that are able to schedule, prompt, and control all of the brewing processing. They will grind your fresh coffee beans which will be ground to the most consistent coarseness. The machine will then be able to produce espresso at just a touch of the button. Many of the machines also have an automatic milk frother that will make brewing a cappuccino or latte as simple as possible.
Size becomes the least of your worries as they can be recognized at first glance by their sleek Nordic elegant looks. An important feature of these machines is their ability to use energy efficiently. Decide what is going to be the number of cups that need to be brewed on any typical day and get one which can brew just a little more than that.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Variety is the Name of the Game

The sleek good looks of Jura coffee machines are not the only reason to fall in love with them. They bring so much more than sophisticated electronic technology. Aside from making your daily fix of coffee, they will allow you to prepare other gourmet drinks simply for the reason that there is an integrated hot water dispenser. These coffee machines are multipurpose gourmet coffee automatic machines with an integrated thermo block that permits them to heat quicker, effectively shortening the time that is required to wait just to have your favorite cup of espresso coffee.
Quite apart from the slew of features that are unique to them, they also come with the best customer and after sales service you could desire. These automatic machine are equipped with variable brewing unit for 5-16 g coffee powder, where individual coffee intensity varies and two cups are prepared in only one brewing operation. Jura has certainly come a long way since its conception and the coffee is known to be some of the best that there is. It specializes in designing machines that are for locations where the ease of use is the most important part of the equation. If you would like to try a coffee that offers rich flavor and will not give you too much caffeine then this is a great choice!
The Jura X9 coffee machine gives you as many as 20 coffees. The easy to read display dialog system and the clearly defined product keys make this model an absolute star of self-service areas. The coffee dispenser is height-adjustable and is easy to remove for cleaning. Its integrated rinsing, cleaning and decalcifying programs turn maintenance into child's play. The two large 650 gram bean hoppers mean that you can dispense 130 cups before topping up. Its sophisticated automatic frothing system makes it perfect for cappuccino/latte and flat white. Developing flexibility for your business and your customers is one of the best ways to guarantee success. All you have to do to make this type of coffee machine work is to purchase the coffee beans of your choice and pour them into the appropriate holder on the machine.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Revel in the Inborn Class of the Koro

For those on the lookout for both aesthetic pleasure and technical value Koro coffee machines with their three versions are a gift from heaven. You can serve up a gourmet's delight at the push of a button thanks to the advanced 16-bit electronic control and 4MB memory space. Apart from being flexible, it is relatively rugged. Don't be deceived by its elegant, soft modern looks. It is programmed to handle heavier loads than seems at first sight making it ideal for environments such as offices, meeting rooms, stores, professional studios, small cafés and restaurants, and can be managed in many different ways.
Instant, espresso and fresh brew can be had depending on the model you have opted for. Whatever be your selection you are guaranteed excellent beverages. There are eight selections including hot water for making health drinks or soups, brewing tea as well as decaffeinated for espresso. You can serve as many as 60 cups in an hour, making for genuine efficiency during rush hours. What's more it is eco-friendly with bio-degradable waste products and can save up to 13% power consumption. Choosing such a machine will definitely impress the consumers. Security is another feature of these machines which is definitely worth considering. Automatic locks to ensure security for the beverages and money should be promised by the machine.
You can always depend on Koro coffee to satisfy clients with a variety of different requests and needs, especially since people can be very picky and choosy about the kind of coffee they are getting. Delicious cappuccinos and mochas to tempt jaded palates as well as regular basic drinks — freshly brewed coffee or tea, espresso and instant coffee — are on offer. Even when you choose the model which uses soluble ingredients it does not mean that the drink produced has to be of a poor quality, quite the opposite in fact. If you use the Koro range of soluble coffees you can produce a high quality drink, be it black or white or even a specialty drink such as a cappuccino.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Keep Your Vending Machines Well Stocked

Everyone knows that vending machines should be stocked keeping in mind the expected clientele. However, there should be adequate variety in what you propose to stock in them and it is vital to ensure that products don't run out. Since what you can potentially dispense is dependent on the model, obviously you won't be able to dispense drinks or beverages from a snack vending machine or cold drinks and water from a coffee vending machine even when there is a significant demand for it. You would need a combo for it.
Again, you need to look at whether your location is such that there will normally be a demand for products other than snacks and beverages. For example, when a vending machine is placed in a showroom for cars or furniture, people might appreciate it if they can keep small and not so small children occupied with gummy balls and small toys while they browse. An entrepreneur who places vending machines at these locations might actually be in diversification or expansion mode. When you have acquired the vending machine that you want, you should keep it supplied with merchandise that will be the most profitable. Do your research properly and reel in the profits.
If your pocket does not permit outright purchase of the kind of vending machine your location needs or are experimenting, then you can explore options like leasing or rental. Normally you will not see advertisements for vending machines for hire in the local newspaper. Check out with the manufacturers of vending machines – they are sure to be there on the web – and find out whether they have options for hiring different models. Also, many authorized dealers offer options on leasing, rental and hire for models that are slow moving or are very high priced. The companies that provide vending machine on hire frequently keep relevant statistics such as the popularity of the items at a specific location and which models are the most appropriate. A vending machine can be hired by anyone who owns a store or rents an office.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Enjoy a Steaming Cup of Your Favorite Kind of Coffee

You can get whichever kind of coffee that you yearn for — rich and powerful, dark and strong, smooth and mellow. The latest coffee vending machines offer all kinds of options. They allow your clients and employees to choose their own beverage, whether that's coffee, tea, cocoa or any one of the numerous types of hot beverages now available. That way you cut down on your waste with coffee that doesn't get used by the end of the morning. Coffee vending machines are available as either small table top options or free standing. Table top machines are great for meeting rooms but in a large office environment, a free standing machine is probably best.
Those which have intuitive programming ensure that you don't have to know how to manipulate and coax deliciously brewed coffee straight from grinding and into your cup or mug. They will deliver the perfect cup for you and your customers or guests by using coffee beans that are expertly roasted and ground to ensure consistency of quality and carefully packed to guarantee freshness. Once you have decided that you would like a bean to cup coffee machine in your office, café, restaurant or hotel you need to decide what coffee bean is the most appropriate. You have to decide whether you want a dark roast, a medium one or a medium to dark roast depending on the kind of taste and flavor likely to appeal most to the people who will be drinking it usually.
The Colibri coffee machine is a great value fully automatic bean to cup machine which can provide a range of specialty coffees as well as hot chocolate and hot water. Its automatic self cleaning operation adds to the ease of use. It is a modern coffee machine, specifically developed for small to medium size locations, and offers innovative design and features not normally available in a coffee machine of this size. With its compact size and good looks, Colibri can easily be located within the office. The machine has its own frother to create the steamed milk and give you the real cappuccino flavour.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Choose The Right Vending Machine Supplier

Vending machines are popular in offices as they save people time which is wasted in going out for coffee, tea or snacks during work hours. Not only are the employees happy, but having a vending machine in the office premises also increases productivity. People can enjoy a cup of hot coffee in any kind of weather without going out and, at the same time, they can catch up with their colleagues during this break.
Earlier, coffee vending machines were not even considered for office use. You could only find them in cafes. They were big and bulky and needed a lot of space. With advancement in technology, they are now available in all sizes and can be used anywhere, whether it is your home, business place or a gathering. In fact, the concept of coffee bars is also gaining popularity. Jura coffee machines have introduced models that are suitable for these coffee bars and your kitchen too.
But, if you are looking for a vending machine to install at your business place, then you need one that not only dispenses beverages like tea, coffee but also snacks. Look for vending machine suppliers who can offer the right model for your company. Depending upon your requirement, it can be either just a coffee vending machine or a combination model that can dispense both beverages and snacks. The dealer should also offer the option of buying, renting or leasing it. After you procure the machine its maintenance and service is of utmost importance. It should be kept in good condition with regular maintenance to ensure that the employees do not have to go without their coffee and snacks.
So, your supplier should be able to offer a reliable maintenance service too. The supplier should have all consumables and parts in stock at all times. He should also have the reputation of being able to provide good after sales service. Before you sign the contract with the dealer, take time to read about the vending machine service that will be provided. It will be good if the terms of the service can be customized to suit your requirements.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Find coffee machines that are precisely correct for your needs

There are several things to consider if you're searching for a coffee machine in the UK . You may have to assess a selection of products to find the one that is right for you, making sure that you don't become influenced by the hype of marketing or advertisement campaigns in the process. Not all machines will be appropriate for you, so you should spend some time evaluating your needs and requirements before you start your search for a coffee machine in the UK .
Your type of lifestyle and preferences can help you decide on an appropriate product For example, if you are always on the go, then you may benefit from coffee machines for sale that quickly prepare espresso coffee. Therefore, what you require is capsule coffee vending machines. Alternatively, if you are looking to prepare other types of then a manual or automatic coffee machine may be better for you. Fortunately, both types of machines are easy to find on our website. Each machine provides its own unique style to your coffee; tastes will vary depending on the product you choose, so bear this in mind when you are looking to buy one of our coffee machines .
When looking for a coffee machine, another vital factor to consider is size. If you're working in a small business with a small number of employees who will consume coffee and other beverages, then you have could consider coffee machines that will provide a suitable drink for your taste and needs. On the other hand, if you are catering for more people or staff, then your needs may be better catered for by a coffee machine that have a greater capacity to supply coffee and other beverages. We also provide industrial coffee machines ; these coffee machines allow a large of quantity of cups and drinks and are thus installed in cafes, cafeteria & restaurants.
Lastly, there are two more things to consider when you are buying coffee machines. You must have the right beans or coffee powder to make the most out of your coffee vending machine . It's worth taking some time to study what machine will be best suited to your requirements to get the best of our range of coffee vending machines.

Delivering the best brew of coffee from the table-top to the in-cup system

If you're looking for a coffee machine, there are lots of producers and suppliers who deal in reliable and affordable coffee machines in London . Coffee machines in the UK are also available with affordable prices as well as having something to suit everyone's tastes.
In the London area, one of the prime suppliers of coffee machine is Kenco. Each and every coffee prepared from the coffee machine is fresh and filtered to provide the best possible taste. Kenco's coffee machine offer quality drinks each and every time is what The secret of delivering the best coffee and hot drinks lies in the capsule, with each and every capsule foil sealed for freshness, you'll get the perfect amount of tea, coffee or chocolate which will give you the ideal taste and refreshment. This magical capsule also helps the system to maintain a perfect temperature to ensure a freshly distilled taste in every drink.
You can install coffee machines at your office or school cafeteria very easily. These coffee machines in the UK are stylish and dependable table-top machinery. They offer a great variety of fresh hot drinks and are extremely hassle-free to use. As they are immensely reliable, it makes them ideal for meeting rooms, cafeteria, offices and reception areas. These coffee machines provide you with coffee in a number of different varieties, using various models.

There is a something for everyone with various types of machines available from the table-top to the in-cup to the bean to cup coffee machines . We are certain that you'll discover a taste every time that you will enjoy.
One of the major benefits of coffee machines is that you are not restricted to a sole variety or type of brew. Most producers of coffee machines will offer you a rangeof alternatives including the type of roast, where the coffee bean comes from - as well as offering a semi automatic machine or a completely automatic machines.
So, when you choose a coffee machine, you make sure that you will receive fresh, flavoursome coffee each and every time just with a push of a button. When you have a Kenco's coffee machine installed in your office or cafeteria, you eliminate hassle and can look forward to a good taste experience.