Saturday, April 2, 2011

How to Survive the Day without Caffeine

The majority of adults around the world find it difficult to visualize beginning the day without some variety of caffeine – usually a cup of coffee, which may or may not have been dispensed from coffee vending machines or an industrial coffee machine. The daily measure of caffeine that anyone takes in could be in their coffee, tea, cocoa, cola drinks, bar of chocolate or even certain kinds of medicines.

Why should we do without caffeine in the first place? The reasons could range from health issues like tachycardia to psychiatric issues like mood swings to even caffeine poisoning. The following tips might prove helpful depending on your specific needs and individual system. A word of warning: don't go off coffee or tea abruptly — taper down your intake. Woken up with a headache and you feel that a cup of tea or coffee is just what you need to get rid of it? Why not try the alternative of going through a deep breathing regimen has been known to give relief in caffeine withdrawal headaches.

Repeating deep breathing exercises will increase your alertness should you start feeling drowsy during the day. If it is practicable, try doing spot jogging for a minute. The additional flow of oxygen to your brain will sharply increase your concentration as well as hone your reflexes. Try drinking a glass of glucose and salt solution twice a day to overcome cramps.

A glass of fruit juice or milk can be used as a substitute when tea or coffee is drunk as accompaniment for breakfast or tea. Nibbling into fruits and nuts or eating a bowl of soup can help overcome raised hunger levels caused by caffeine withdrawal without damaging your system. The long-term effects on overall health caused by switching to these substitutes are beneficial. While some experts do suggest having decaffeinated coffee and tea, remember even these have a small proportion of caffeine. Even if you are not brewing your own coffee, decaffeinated coffee is available from coffee vending machines and industrial coffee machines too.

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