Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Man vs Machine

Given the speed with which machines are replacing humans in work, the world will soon see machines ruling the roost. Take for example, vending machines. Offices used to have cafeterias where people got together for lunch, tea or coffee breaks but now all organizations have coffee vending machines.

The first recorded vending machine is recorded in the work of Hero of Alexandria , a first century engineer and mathematician. Vending machines have gone through a lot of change over the decades. Many machines are still evolving to be able to take credit cards.

Vending machines work on a simple mechanism  the customer pays and the machine releases the product paid for. Whether it is coffee, tea, cold drinks, snacks or even sandwiches, these machines can hold everything. Coffee vending machines are commonly seen at hotels, restaurants, and airports etc. where people gather more.

Some products need to be prepared to become available. Coffee for example, needs to be concocted on the spot. It has also become a good business sense to install vending machines. Vending machine suppliers should set up the vending machine at crowded places like shopping malls, theatre etc. Also, there must be no tea or coffee shop nearby. So the manufacturers should complement the company needs and the makers have to make sure that the beverage they are offering is always fresh, otherwise people will head for the nearest coffee shop.

To get business consistently, they must visit the machine periodically and make sure that the machine is clean and free of pests.

Kenco Local Business Service are the leading manufacturers and vending machine suppliers

in UK . They have a personal, family focused approach and offer all the major advantages of a big organization. Refilling machine consumables, including products from top name brands such as Kenco, Maxwell House, Suchards, Walkers, Cadbury and Coke, and providing expert machine maintenance, remain an essential part of the service offered by Kenco Local Business Service.

They also work closely with their clients to ensure that the right machines are selected for the right locations and the right products are available at the right time.

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