Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Americano or Cappuccino

The vending machine industry generated sales of about $22.1 billion annually in the US alone in the late 1990s. The statistics shows the growing dependency of offices  big and small  on the office vending machine to keep their staff happy and save time spent in coffee shops as well. Vending machines are being used globally to automatically dispense products in an array of environments for a diverse range of products. The Japanese have an ongoing love affair with vending machines, which sell every thing imaginable.

Offices, especially small offices, having less staff don't get the larger convenience services that bigger ones get, such as catered events or coffee delivery etc. So many offices are now installing their own office coffee machine in their break-rooms, which they can operate themselves using a cup for change. Prices are set lower than normal vending machines, but high enough that they make a profit to cover the cost of the machine, whether it is purchased, on lease or on rental basis. The advantage is that the staff can take breaks without actually using the company's time.

Researches show that more than 50% of coffee drinkers consume espresso. So, while having a gourmet coffee maker in the office would not only be impractical, it would not be feasible in such an environment. There are single serve coffee makers where you can brew coffee on these one button office vending machines.

A search on the internet would open up pages and pages of office coffee vending machines

categorized from A to Z listing the brands, instant coffee machines, the bean to cup machines, or one brewing espresso coffee, making life simpler. For who would know the difference between an Americano and a cappuccino or the special thing about latte??

The Kenco Local Business Service Association in UK supplies quality vending machines, even supplying top branded products to include in the snack. Their coffee vending machines are backed up by a professional approach and great personal service, providing servicing and maintenance too. They also provide full training and technical assistance. They have a range of coffee vending machines from the tabletop to the floor standing coffee machines. The Kenco singles machines are suitable for almost every environment.

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