Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Used Coffee Machines

More and more businesses are installing office coffee machines with a view to increasing productivity. Installing such machines at the workplace is a gesture of goodwill to your employees to show that you care and what better way than to take care of their caffeine. They are able to get a good cup of coffee without leaving the workplace and it boosts their morale.

A very interesting point that has been brought out in a survey relates to the networking that occurs in such an environment. The discussion near the coffee dispenser invariably veers to work related issues rather than inane gossip. Such discussions improve productivity and boost work output.

An ideal coffee machine would be an office coffee machine that does not cost too much, whether it's bought or rented. Or perhaps you could make a deal with some coffee house  the free use of their coffee machine in return for the use of their products. Either way, it would cost you something. Evaluate all options and calculate the cost to see which suits you the best.

Evaluate the coffee needs and expertise of your staff. Expertise here refers to the expertise in the correct handling of coffee machine. Misusing or badly handling a coffee machine and the products it dispenses can lead to its break down, ultimately costing more.

Another option is to buy used coffee machines. There are a lot of used machines available in the market in excellent condition or perhaps with a little damage. Once you have evaluated and assessed your needs, you need to now shop for one. Restaurants, call centers, BPOs  all sell their used coffee machines . The trick is to keep a look out for one. Many small firms specialise in selling refurbished coffee machines that are as good as new.

It all finally comes down to the size of your business, your budget and the kind of office coffee machine that the organization requires. While a used coffee machine would undoubtedly cost less, the quality of coffee is as good as a new machine. But the point to remember is that it is not for the use of everyone. It requires expert handling.

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