Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coffee shop in the office

Heading to the local coffee shop for coffee and snacks is now a thing of the past. With the advent of the office vending machine dispensing anything from eatables to beverages, businesses have found a solution to keeping their staff in the office. There are machines for snacks, hot and cold beverages or a combination.

Coffee, the most sought after beverage in the office, is something that has become a staple during working hours. One of the most difficult decisions an office has to make while buying an office coffee machine is whether to buy one that uses instant coffee or one that grinds coffee beans to prepare the drink, also known as the bean-to-cup vending machine. It depends on a lot of things but basically the cost of vending machine and ingredients, taste, maintenance and the time taken to prepare the coffee.

There will be a difference in the cost of instant and coffee beans machine because the electronics and hardware required to grind the coffee beans and make coffee is specialized compared to the instant coffee machines. But it would be worth the cost. There is nothing like the aroma of freshly ground and brewed coffee!!!! The cost of the ingredients too would be sizeable.

As regards the taste, the taste of instant coffee will differ from the bean-to-cup machine. The ground coffee would be stronger and bitterer than the instant coffee which for someone not used to the taste can be quite unpalatable. The time taken to prepare instant coffee is much lesser than the bean coffee.

Kenco Local Business Service supply office coffee machines suitable for every kind of environment. They supply automatic coffee vending machines, filter coffee machines and table top vending machines. You can select from a range of coffee machines that offer drinks made from freshly ground beans to coffee machines that offer fast dispense drinks made from soluble ingredients. And their products are easy to use and maintain.

So if your staff is frequenting the local coffee shop at coffee breaks or for lunch, setting up an office vending machine for their coffee and snacks would make them believe that they are more important than paper clips.

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