Friday, May 21, 2010

To buy or to hire

For the uninitiated, the best way to start would be to explain a vending machine. A vending machine provides snacks , beverages , lottery tickets , and other products to consumers without a cashier . Items sold via these machines vary by country and region. A virtually unheard of concept a few decades back, it has now taken over all companies and offices aiming to provide a refreshment bar from cold drinks, tea, coffee, sandwiches, chocolates etc., to almost everything, at not very great cost to company. A vending machine rental is the best way to test its acceptance and usage in the office.

It saves the space that would be required for a full time cafeteria and the need for the employees to order tea, coffee etc., from the nearest teashop, thereby saving precious time used for the tea break. Vending machines have taken over the old concept of a full cafeteria, being stocked with everything that a cafeteria would have. Therefore, some smaller organizations just opt for coffee machine hire.

The first thing to do would be to identify your needs i.e. the kind of machine that would be suitable for your business. So, while some offices catering to a larger number of staff would require a bigger machine, there would be some requiring perhaps just a tabletop coffee machine. After identifying your needs, the next step would be to look for quality vending machines backed up by a professional and friendly service.

Whatever the size of the organization, a coffee machine is a must  whether a tabletop, floor standing or a singles machine. If you are not sure of the need, go for coffee machine hire , till you are sure that buying it would actually cut the costs.

Kenco is a local business and service association in UK supplying top quality vending machines, including the latest models and water coolers, to companies and organizations of all sizes across Greater London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Hertfordshire. Apart from supplying, servicing and maintaining coffee vending machines including the Kenco Singles Coffee machine, they also provide and support coke vending machines, cold drink vending machines, chocolate vending machines, coca cola vending machines and many more. They help choose and supply the right vending machine for your environment and have the option of vending machine rental too along with providing full training and technical assistance.

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