Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An Easy Way to Keep Your Staff Refreshed

These days people don't look at only the pay slip they get at the end of the month or the job title they hold. They want other perks too. These might be free refreshments, office pick up and drop or company subsidized healthcare. If you have an office vending machine on the premises, it can serve a double purpose. It means that your personnel don't need to leave the office premise to get their refreshment - especially valuable if the office is located in an area where there are few (or no) affordable eateries. If you offer the refreshments at subsidized rates or on a pay as you go basis, you lower overhead costs without depriving your staff of benefits.
If you need to offer both snacks and drinks, then combo machines like Snakky Max snacks vending machines or the Rondo which can serve as mini restaurants. You could serve things like yoghurt, sandwiches, sconces, muffins and other kinds of confectionary which serve as a mini meal to someone who needs it. Just make sure that it can dispense both cans and bottles, apart from bags. Crisps, bars, pastries, biscuits and different kinds of bottled and canned drinks would ensure that there are adequate options for the person looking out for refreshments. On the other hand, if your office does not have the kind of financial muscle required to support investing and dispensing from a combo vending machine; then you should have at least a drink vending machine even if you rent it.
A quality machine is constructed to provide low maintenance, have an efficient operation, offer simple service and generate potential profits for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Wholesale club stores are a great place to look as you can often get large quantities of snacks for cheap prices. Also look out for online wholesalers that specialize in candy and snacks. With people typically eating healthier as they get older, a substantial part of the population is essentially excluded from eating a snack at work and at other places. So be careful that you stock healthy snacks

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Umesh said...

Nothing beats drinking a fresh cup of hot coffee in the office first thing in the morning.
A better way to enjoy this is to have your very own coffee machine installed at your business.

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