Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Establish Exactly What You Need From Your Vending Machine

There are so many kinds of vending machines around that you can get things as varied as newspapers, snacks, beverages, camera rolls, cigarettes and even mobile phone recharges. The kinds which are most visible are the ones which dispense gumballs and the ones which give you various kinds of drinks. So before deciding which kind of vending machine is the one you want buy or rent, step back to analyze which one fulfills your needs best. The location, climate, size, expected clientele, price are all going to affect your decision. A hot climate would encourage you to stock things like various cold drinks, smoothies, ice creams etc; while in a cold climate you will fare better with a hot drink vendor or one which will allow you to serve warmed/heated food.
If your machine is going to be in the lobby of a hotel in a tourist spot, obviously you need the combo kind of machine which can dispense disparate products like camera rolls, small toys, sunshades, knapsacks, bottled water, chocolates etc. This is why many who have vending machines in UK understand the importance of targeting the normal customers of a location. In a military base camp, the machine would normally stock things like cigarettes, magazines and confectionary. Near a playground frequented by youngsters, it would make sense to offer different kinds of drinks like fruit juices, milk based drinks and candy. Many new vending machines come in a variety of curious and eye-catching shapes such as rockets and puppets.
Of all these kinds of vending machines, pick the ones which have functions like change catcher, sold out light and are secured with a dual locking system. Depending on where you want to place it and how much space is available for it, you want to decide whether you want the table top model, the wall hanging one or the floor standing model. You need to network, watch new businesses moving in, new developments. That way you will be able to capitalize on any new business opportunities with regard to diversification and expansion.

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