Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hot or Cold: The Choice is Yours

The weather often dictates the kind of drink you want to slake your thirst. In hot weather the cold drinks vending machine is a popular destination for most people. From water — which you might have preferences about still or sparkling — to fruit juices and popular brands of soft drinks, one wants choices. Youngsters might even want cold milk or milk shakes. So you should be able to offer delicious and refreshing healthy drink options which match the user profile and location. In an office, the kinds of drinks you need to offer would be very different from the kind you need to offer in a school or in a hospital, which would again differ from what you need to have on offer at a railway station or bus depot.

Particularly in an office where most of the personnel are very young you would be expected to stock options like Lucozade, Coca Cola, Britvic, Pepsi, Tango, Mountain Dew and other famous brands. Cold drink vending machines like the Bevmax have a unique motorless vend mechanism which can handle most shapes and sizes of bottles and cans. They also offer a clear display of all products. In an office you might also prefer the kind of drinks vending machines which can dispense both hot and cold drinks. Portable hot and cold water dispensers are well suited to homes and offices because they entirely eliminate expensive in-house installation. All that is required is the purchase of a dispenser unit which is plugged into the wall power outlet.

The size and the number of selections that can be offered from any given drink vending machine will be determined by the kind of model it is. You should keep in mind both the available space as well as the amount of offtake likely over a specific period when opting for the model of your choice. It should provide a convenient and hygienic refreshment source. Even if you are offering something like flavored syrups, your customers should be able to mix it with different drinks like seltzer water, plain water or even coffee to get adequate options.

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