Monday, May 28, 2012

Choose the Drinks Vending Machine that Assures You the Maximum Leverage

There are many ways you can acquire a drinks vending machine . A simple way is to get it from the soft drink company itself. In some cases the soft drink companies give a vendor the drinks vending machine free with the caveat that you can only stock their products. This creates its own leverage as these soft drink giants advertise across the country and will occasionally name some of their stockists as part of a promotional campaign. Also they ensure that the products stocked in the drinks vending machine , which they give, are given adequate point of sale promotional material to attract potential customers.
Another option that can be explored is to acquire them from a drink vending machines sale. This lowers your start up costs and you can use the freed resources to position your drinks vending machine strategically. Just remember that drink vending machines sale is rarely, if ever, advertised in the local papers. Ideally you should ask around from people who have been in the trade for some time. They often keep track of what is happening in the vending industry.
Manufacturers are an excellent source of information. In fact, if you are lucky enough they might even have some drink vending machine sale on from which you can benefit. Even otherwise they usually keep a record of where their machines go and might broker a good deal for you to build goodwill. When an existing customer desires to acquire new drinks vending machines , then they would find out what that customer intends to do with the existing machine. This works a two way benefit for both the manufacturer and their customers.
When some people get thirsty and want something to drink, they prefer to go to a drinks vending machine rather than buy one in a restaurant and have to wait longer. If you acquire it from someone who had placed it in a strategic location but is selling because s/he is moving to another town, then you would have the leverage of existing goodwill. You certainly need to find out discreetly whether or not it is a profitable location before you take a call on it.

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