Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cheap Coffee Vending Machines Are No Longer a Piped Dream

It is commonly thought that cheap coffee vending machines are an opiate's dream. Nothing could be further from the truth. Companies like Kenco Local Business Service pride themselves on making cheap coffee vending machines available to those whose need to work on a shoestring budget. There are small table top coffee vending machines for small organizations which need to serve only a small number of people.
And, there is no need to think that simple because it is a cheap coffee vending machine it will dispense only indifferent coffee using only instant products. If you have coffee machines using soluble ingredients it does not mean that the drink produced has to be of a poor quality; quite the opposite in fact is the reality when you deal with a company which values its reputation. One can get even espresso coffee machines for a reasonable price. Unless you need to offer several kinds of selections and customization, there is no reason why cheap coffee vending machines should not serve your purpose.
However, if you do need sophistication and need to serve many people daily then coffee machine leasing is a splendid option for you. There is a difference between renting and leasing a coffee machine or vending machine. With coffee machine leasing you will directly sign the agreement with a leasing company. The manufacturers or authorized dealers sell the machine to the leasing company and they then lease the machine to you. In this instance you will be provided a full warranty with the lease.
A major advantage of coffee machine leasing is that usually only new machines are leased out and they carry a warranty. Also, it ensures that you can even consider getting a state of the art coffee machine without blowing a hole in your pocket. You can reclaim your capital allowances with coffee machine leasing since it is tax advantaged. Why own an out of date coffee machine when you can lease the most modern ones with no security deposits or up-front money required and the tax benefits of leasing? .

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