Monday, May 28, 2012

Bring Down Expenses with Office Coffee Machine Rental

A simple way of bringing down the running costs of an office is by negotiating office coffee machine rental . Employers and managers have long since recognized the importance of having office coffee machines on the premises. It is smart human management since it gives the employees a sense of being cared for. Even when they have to pay for their hot beverages, office personnel understand the value of getting the hot drink of your desire without having to leave the office. It means they don't have to go out for their tea, coffee, hot chocolate or even specialty drink in all kinds of weather.
Office coffee machines save the company money because you save on salaries and long term benefits for staff required to brew even just tea or coffee and serve them. Personnel appreciate the convenience of getting these from the office coffee machine without having to wait for a tepid cup when the office trolley trundles up. When people are expected to brew their own cup of coffee or tea, then there are a whole number of associated costs in terms of fuel; raw materials like milk, sugar, coffee powder and tea leaves or bags; crockery and time; not to speak of frayed tempers!
Then there is the wastage factor since you cannot really control how many spoons are heaped into the pot or cup. Add to that the wastage of milk which instead of being added to coffee gets added to corn flakes, protein shakes and is even drunk as glasses of milk. This might sound cheap but is a reality which no office manager can afford to ignore. The office coffee machines control the portions as the ingredients are locked inside them. When you opt for office coffee machine rental you give your staff great choices for hot beverages while saving on costs.
You should negotiate office coffee machine rental in such a manner that the rental company takes care of the refilling and the maintenance too. You can discuss your needs and concerns with them to ensure that you save money without neglecting those of your staff.

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