Sunday, June 23, 2013

Slaking Other People’s Thirst Can Be Profitable

Slaking one’s thirst is a common enough human need. When you set up a cold drinks vending machines in London, you do more than ensure a constant flow of cash into your till. During a stressful day people want to be refreshed with cold drinks. If you are looking to offer great tasting soft drinks, you need not overlook healthier options, ranging from flavored Drench Water to Fruit Shoot and H2O, amongst others. Whether your cold drink vending machine is required for businesses, councils, leisure centers or schools, you must stock it with products which are appropriate for the location. In all this, you must not forget to offer water — both still and sparkling — since that is the most sought after cold drink.

The biggest advantage of investing in a cold drink vending machine is that this is one of the few industries which does face any major seasonal shifts. The vending industry is one of the most rapidly expanding business markets and the world’s largest all-cash business — the cold drink vending business even more so. Some ideal locations are hotels, motels, bed-and-breakfasts, elementary, middle, high schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, military bases, fairs parks, and other attractions. In the early days of the soft drinks vending machines, they were peppered with only sodas and the products of the soft drink giants like Coca Cola, Pepsi and Britvic. 

Nowadays vendors are looking at other options too to be able to cater to changing tastes. They are not afraid of experimenting with new launches, especially if these are healthy options like cold green teas. This is why fruit juices and smoothies are being increasingly offered from these machines. Some of the soda bottling companies provides the soft drink vending machine for free. Of course, these are meant for exclusive use of their products in the machine. When you buy directly from the company, you will receive a commission from the sale of their products. You should take advantage of the sales which are offered from the different wholesalers to earn a higher profit margin on the various soft drinks you stock.

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