Friday, April 19, 2013

Get More Than a Standard Package

If you run a moderate sized office, café or salon, then you don't need to spend a fortune on huge commercial coffee machines which can serve hundreds of cups of different hot drinks daily. Instead you should look for Koro coffee machines which have the double advantage of being table top and being beans to cup coffee machines. Naturally, with them you can get stacks of options on the specialty dinks or plain coffee you or other users might want. From hot water to espresso to tea you can get all kinds of hot drinks. Specialty drinks like café latte, cafe macchiato; decaffeinated coffee, cafe lungo, cappuccino and Americano are all on offer.

Thanks to its sophisticated technology, it is extraordinarily compact and reliable. Due to the use of the highest quality components, normally used in dispensers that support much heavier workloads, it is ideal for locations where you might need to serve as many as 60 cups in an hour. On the other hand, if you require more options but have a smaller load to dispense daily then the Giga coffee machine is the one for you. You can enjoy a finer grind thanks to its low wear dual ceramic disk grinders which can grind up to 16 grams of coffee. Two 650g bean hoppers and a ground coffee option provide high capacity and the option of selecting from three different coffees.

You get far more than a standard package with the Giga professional. It seems like magic the way it can serve you two different kinds of milk coffees simultaneously. You can even get black coffee and hot water at the same time thanks to its three pumps and thermo blocks. Add to that, integrated cleaning, rinsing and decalcifying programs and the new TFT display make maintenance easy and guarantee TUV-certified hygiene. Milk is automatically drawn from the fridge, heated or heated and frothed into fine texture foam for café quality milk coffees at the touch of a button. With as many as 20 programmable drink selections, you couldn't want more from this machine which is meant to be handled gently.

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