Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Choose the Coffee Machine that Suits Your Style

For all those who need to cater to diverse tastes simultaneously, the Kenco singles range of coffee machines are an ideal choice. This is because the Kenco In-Cup system offers an extensive range of high quality branded drinks. These range from great tasting Kenco and Maxwell House coffees to Knorr soups, Suchard chocolate and PG Tips tea. You can get Kenco drink capsules for the various kinds of hot drinks you might desire. You want your coffee aromatic and sensual, there is the Kenco Colombian which gives a rich taste of Columbia. Or you might want a light black tea flavored by bergamot. The Twinings Earl Grey is at your service.

Instead of a caffeinated hot drink, if you want a rich, indulgent hot chocolate flavour drink, there is the Suchard Regular from the famous Swiss chocolate makers. You can also warm up with a mouth watering Knorr Soup when it's cold outside. The Kenco singles capsules are packed to ensure that freshness is sealed in and you get only the finest hot drinks from your In-Cup coffee machines. If you have coffee machines using soluble ingredients it does not mean that the drink produced has to be of a poor quality, quite the opposite in fact. When you use the Kenco range of soluble coffees you can produce a high quality drink, be it black or white or even a specialty drink such as a cappuccino.

The big advantages to using instant coffee ingredients over other coffee types include speed of preparation, a longer shelf life and less weight and volume than beans or ground coffee. You don't need to be restricted to only coffee and tea. Kenco also brings to you the Twinings Peppermint Infusion — a refreshing minty drink which is naturally caffeine free. The attractively branded paper cups promote consumer quality reassurance and encourage usage. The In Cup system ensures hygienic delivery and consistently delivers high quality drinks. With great taste and hygiene both guaranteed, what more could you be asking for?

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