Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coffee Vending Machines Can Be Intriguing

Coffee vending machines are intriguing. With just a button push, out comes a hot cup of coffee after 30 seconds and the range of coffee available is astonishing — it includes espresso, latte and cappuccino. Anyone who has stepped out of his/her house would have tasted coffee from such a machine.

Contrary to belief, these coffee vending machines do deliver good coffee and in addition are an easy solution for quick fix caffeine. Hard to believe? But it's true. With the R&D that these companies have invested, they can brew coffee to cater to any taste.

So what is intriguing about these machines? It's the technology. From the grinding of beans to the brewing of coffee, the ‘insider' work is a piece of marvel considering the fact that it involves at least a lengthy 10 stages.

The technology of the coffee vending machines is superb. Every time, a coin is inserted and a button pushed, an ingredient motor is activated, pushing the ingredient from the canister into a whipping chamber. It is at this precise moment, that hot water is injected. The whipping begins, the ingredients are mixed and out comes that hot cuppa.

The coffee and tea rotation is common in all offices, wherever they are. But sharing the job of making tea or coffee and cleaning up after that is one that usually results in arguments and petty bickering among employees. The way to resolve this issue is to bring in the office vending machine.

This also saves a lot of time spent by the employees/staff in cafes outside the office. A quality office vending machine would make them less likely to leave the workplace and the beneficial effects would be visible. With a vending machine, you also get a variety of hot and cold drinks to choose from. An office will surely have people with differing tastes. The quality of refreshments available at work also increase employee satisfaction and give greater productivity.

One big benefit of an office vending machine is that it conveys the right image and message to the employees. It doubles up as a break room and an ideal meeting room for customers as well as employees.

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