Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Coffee Machines for Office Usage

For an office coffee machine , one can forget the drip coffee maker or the vacuum coffee maker. They are too complicated. Where coffee has to be dispensed in bulk, what is needed is a coffee machine that dispenses coffee with the push of a button, comes with a choice on loan machines and the maintenance is done by the supplier.

There are mainly three types of machines that are pretty good for their category of office coffee machines : The R & G or the Roast and Grind machine, the Instant and the Twin. They are easy to use and also come with different varieties of coffee choice.

The R & G though not very commonly used, is fast becoming the choice for offices. They dispense espresso and quite a few espresso machine suppliers have begun to provide the one button convenience model. In fact, Jura has taken the espresso machines to the next level. So, with just one button you can make cappuccino, lattes, espresso etc. These office coffee machines are a viable option for any business whether the coffee is for the employees or for a combination of customers and employees.

The instant coffee immediately brings Nescafe to the mind as they are the pioneers in this market. The Twin is the machine able to dispense R & G as well as instant coffee. With the ability to use both ground and instant coffee, these machines would capture the whole of the office crowd.

In case of a huge office crowd where the need is to keep hot coffee available all the time, an Industrial coffee machine would be great buy. Many businesses are hesitant to buy industrial coffee machines because they are much more costly. While the initial cost is more, they are much more durable. They also come with a variety of features including the ability to make latte, espresso and cappuccinos. They are easy to use and easier to maintain.

A lot of businesses and corporate offices prefer these industrial coffee machines because of their long life. They are also less likely to cause spills. So why not spend that little bit of extra money and make it worth your while!!

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