Friday, September 20, 2013

Experiment With A Fantastic Range Of Coffees

There are many ways you can assure food and drink for your staff and customers. For many the simplest means have been to install a vending machine. If you are located in and around London, then you want to know more about the vending machine suppliers in London. You need to be specific when it comes to making choices for your vending business, be it the machine per se or the products you stock in it. You want people to buy from you, so you want what is going to sell. Most suppliers will discuss your needs and put a package together that matches what you require — don’t accept anything less if you want to save money. 

Usually the companies that sell the vending machines also sell the vending machine supplies or you may be able to work out a deal with a wholesaler in your area. When choosing your supplier it is best to first ask other businesses that you know if they use a supplier and find out what they are like to deal with. Recommendations from people you know are usually pretty trustworthy and a good place to start. 

Remember, the suppliers stand to gain from your success as it will mean more business for them. However, the dispensing machine that is most useful in an office is the professional office coffee machine.
If you happen to use a Tassimo professional coffee machine it will work with only its patented Tassimo professional T discs which are an integral part of its system. These are specially designed single servings which have a unique shape that fits in the machine, guiding the flow of water to prepare the beverage. 

Each beverage is prepared according to the bar code on the T disc label which tells the machine the size of the beverage, the brewing time and the optimum temperature required to prepare the perfect cup. Liquid flows from the T disc to the cup, allowing consumers to produce different beverages, one after the other, without impacting the beverage taste quality. 

The Tassimo professional is an intuitive system with an integrated LCD display to help guide you in making a perfect drink and personalizing it to suit individual taste. Espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate, latte, tea — just choose what you want and get it at the press of a button. You can adjust the temperature, strength, quantity and even the time you want your preferred drink. What’s more you can choose from a fantastic range of coffees like the Carte Noire Expresso Intense, Carte Noire Expresso Decaffeinated, Kenco Medium Roast and Kenco Pure Colombian to get the taste you like.

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