Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Achieve a Cost Effective Solution

The pressures of modern life have ensured that people have come to depend on snacking to fill their stomach while at work, at study or even while commuting. So, if you invest in a snacks vending machines you are assured of continuous business for you are addressing a very basic need. When you are looking to stock your machine keep faith on the brand names. The branded companies always have their reputations at stake and this makes them supply the best products and services for you. Before jumping into a vending machine contract, make a note of whether or not the company is a member of Automatic Vending Association (A.V.A.)
If you prefer to install a drink vending machine instead, then the Crane drinks vending machines is one of your best choices. This is because Dixie Narco, which is a leading manufacturer of cold drink vending machines and builds machines for Pepsi, Coca-Cola and other bottlers on a global basis, is now owned by Crane National Vendors. There were basically 3 generations of the Dixie Narco 501 machines produced prior to the current 501E model. The 501R S11, the newest of the three, shares the same electronic and refrigeration systems found in the 501E, (E standing for extended, a deeper cabinet specially designed to vend the 20oz plastic bottles). Replacement parts are readily available at reasonable prices for both new and used drinks vendors.

This machine is also able to vend 16oz plastic water bottles by Poland Springs, Deer Park, Ice Mountain, Arrowhead, Ozark, and Zephyr Hills, as these brands by Nestle Waters had a specially designed 16oz plastic bottle for the earlier models. These bottles are loaded two deep in each column. You have an option of loading it in five narrow columns with a capacity of 48 cans or 28 16oz plastic bottles designed for vending or in three wide columns with capacity of 87 cans. You can offer 8 selections of different cold drinks. The payment options include a Mars VN2000 bill acceptor and a Mars TRC6000 coin changer making it easier for your customers.       


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