Thursday, May 23, 2013

Find Yourself in Coffee Paradise in No Time

There are so many things you can do with a Jura giga x7 coffee machine, that you will feel you have arrived in coffee paradise. And you will get not just coffee but hot chocolate and tea too. It is a super automatic coffee machine that packs in plenty of features to satisfy your coffee needs. You can get cappuccino in just 55 seconds and automatically grind up to 16 grams of coffee beans with its in-built grinder for double shots and mugs. Espressos, long blacks, cafĂ© lattes and flat whites can all be made with this home coffee machine from the Jura line. It is a bit boxy in form but has nicely designed edges and accents, which looks very modern because its piano black finish adds a touch of class and elegance.    

Grinding, tamping, brewing, steaming, frothing and self cleaning get done with just the push of a button. Pre-programmed buttons allow you to brew with the following settings depending on what you select: coffee, espresso, cappuccino/latte milk portion and hot water, portion. Consider all management, cleaning and operational aspects before choosing a coffee solution. It is not a matter of just ordering a machine; rather you really need to consider your own specific needs. For example, in an office setting the cappuccino coffee machines would be the preferred option. Each branded cup comes with the perfect amount of product to ensure a great drink every time. 

The In-Cup Kenco vending solution, serves great quality Kenco In-Cup drinks in fully branded paper cups. The in-cup systems are easy to use, quick to dispense and require very little maintenance. Over the years the single cup coffee makers have evolved into more than just a miniature drip coffee maker. Single cup coffee makers are ideal for households with just one coffee drinker or for environments where there are multiple hot beverage needs. They are designed to accommodate a brew time specifically for just one cup and dispense directly into a cup or thermos instead of a pot. Usually they work with pods, capsules or T-discs, which allows for a variety in the type of beverage brewed. 

Jura C9 coffee machine
Jura C9 & Kenco in cup coffee machine

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