Thursday, December 6, 2012

Taking Care of Thirst Needs

People need to slake their thirst regardless of the weather. The commonest need is water which few people carry with them. Therefore, while stocking any drink vending machine you should be particular about ensuring that different kinds of water like flavored Drench water, as well as sparkling and still water are on offer. Depending on whether the drinks are free or users are paying for them, you have to cater to tastes while choosing your product mix. If it is supposed to be for your office staff, then costs will certainly be one of your concerns. Even if your personnel are paying for their drinks, they will naturally balk at high priced items since it would be daily expenditure.

Apart from stocking popular brands keep an eye on who your regular customers are and what are they usually asking for. A clientele of adolescents would want products that are very different from what cabbies and truck drivers would. The right vending solution for your company would be a slimline cold drink machine if you are smaller company, while for a large company it would be a state of the art, stylish machine, able to offer a large selection and able to cope with high demands. However, if you want a hot drink solution then an industrial coffee machine might answer your needs.

There are many kinds to choose from and your budget and daily offtake would dictate which one you opt for. The Milano offers the latest technology in floor standing coffee machines since it can dispense a vast range of drinks including Kenco coffee, cappuccino and lattes. It also provides benefits like strength adjustment and go large options. A good quality machine will allow for any combination and for drink strengths to be set. For example, the Tassimo Professional is an intuitive system with an integrated LCD display to help guide you, step by step, to making a perfect drink and personalizing it to suit individual taste. It has a 12 drawer dispenser which ensures that the full drinks range can be displayed next to the machine. It provides space for 24 cartons of great tasting branded products for everyone to enjoy.

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