Monday, September 17, 2012

Enjoy a Steaming Cup of Your Favorite Kind of Coffee

You can get whichever kind of coffee that you yearn for — rich and powerful, dark and strong, smooth and mellow. The latest coffee vending machines offer all kinds of options. They allow your clients and employees to choose their own beverage, whether that's coffee, tea, cocoa or any one of the numerous types of hot beverages now available. That way you cut down on your waste with coffee that doesn't get used by the end of the morning. Coffee vending machines are available as either small table top options or free standing. Table top machines are great for meeting rooms but in a large office environment, a free standing machine is probably best.
Those which have intuitive programming ensure that you don't have to know how to manipulate and coax deliciously brewed coffee straight from grinding and into your cup or mug. They will deliver the perfect cup for you and your customers or guests by using coffee beans that are expertly roasted and ground to ensure consistency of quality and carefully packed to guarantee freshness. Once you have decided that you would like a bean to cup coffee machine in your office, café, restaurant or hotel you need to decide what coffee bean is the most appropriate. You have to decide whether you want a dark roast, a medium one or a medium to dark roast depending on the kind of taste and flavor likely to appeal most to the people who will be drinking it usually.
The Colibri coffee machine is a great value fully automatic bean to cup machine which can provide a range of specialty coffees as well as hot chocolate and hot water. Its automatic self cleaning operation adds to the ease of use. It is a modern coffee machine, specifically developed for small to medium size locations, and offers innovative design and features not normally available in a coffee machine of this size. With its compact size and good looks, Colibri can easily be located within the office. The machine has its own frother to create the steamed milk and give you the real cappuccino flavour.

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