Saturday, July 28, 2012

How to optimise the efficiency of workers using perks

Employers know that the best way to get their workers to perform well is to get them to enjoy their work while they are at it. Any person who does not enjoy his work is not likely to do well. What employers do nowadays is make sure that the workers have some perks at their disposal. For example, a lot of offices install snacks vending machines so that people can easily get something to munch in while they are working.
Surely a snacks vending machine is not going to provide a filling meal but it is going to get someone from having to go on an empty stomach. Sometimes the office schedules and pressures are such that a person cannot go all the way to have a full meal and has to make do with what he already has. Thus a small snack from the machine is likely to keep him going without having to crib about his predicament.
In a somewhat elated scenario, someone craving a fast drink is likely to be in a very irritable mood unless he gets what he wants. But a run down to the local vendor is bound to kill efficient working time. It is for this reason that employers install soft drinks vending machines that spit out a drink of one's choice in exchange for the money that is put in the slot. Another advantage being that it helps in saving ineffective counter time.
The advantage of soft drinks vending machines is that people can easily get hold of a beverage and carry on with their work. In the absence of such a machine a worker would either have to stop his work or go get a hold of a drink from a store outside or carry on with his work in an irritable mood.
The office paradigm has a lot of restrictions and it is little blessings that help employers get the best out of their workers without having to resort to disciplinary measures. A little bit resentment and workers is likely to culminate into a very rigid workplace to put up with and that in turn will adversely impact the net output. So in order to make the workplace more relaxed, carefree and enjoyable, employers allow their workers a few benefits in the form of perks to make sure that in the end it is the ends that are met.

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