Monday, April 2, 2012

The Jura X9 is a Technical Marvel

Jura coffee machines are famous for their avante garde technology. The Jura X9 is no exception. As a mid to light usage commercial machine the Jura X9 coffee machine stands way above the crowd. Outstanding quality and sophistication of design make the Jura X9 the flagship of the Jura Impressa series. This bean to cup coffee machine has more than its elegant looks to recommend itself. Its one touch button operation makes it user friendly enough for even a greenhorn to be able to get barista quality coffee from the machine.

The display dialogue system of the Jura X9 makes it easy to read selection keys. Add to that the clearly defined product keys make this model an absolute star of self-service areas. It has a sophisticated automatic frothing system for making a perfect cappuccino/latte and flat white. You can make a cappuccino with milk and froth at the touch of a button without moving the cup - taking one of the major hassles out of making a cappuccino. There are two separate heating systems for instant steam and coffee which means that you can service different orders quickly.

The ability to adjust the height of the coffee dispenser of the Jura X9 coffee machine ensures that when need be you can use a tall glass instead of a standard sized cup as when you are serving a mocha. Most bean to cup coffee machines need quite a bit of cleaning and maintenance. The integrated rinsing, cleaning and decalcifying programs of the Jura X9 turn maintenance into child's play. You get a bottle of cleaning solution, cleaning and descaling tablets to get you started when you buy a Jura X9 coffee machine .

You certainly get exceptional value for money when you invest in the Jura X9 since it can give you more than 20 kinds of specialty drinks. Coffee lovers are very serious about their drinks, and they deserve a coffee machine that is equally serious about providing the best quality. The Jura X9 coffee machine is certainly in that category.

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